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File persona requires a patch

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File persona requires a patch

Got an error every time I try to configure File Persona, "File persona requires a patch to enable...." Simulator can be upgraded? if so, where I can download de patch.



Re: File Persona requires a patch

I seriously doubt File Persona can even run under the simulator.  And if it could, its performance would be bad.

What do these show?

showversion -b

showversion -a | grep -i file


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Re: File Persona requires a patch

Hello Dennis, 

Thank you for your quick answer, I'm attaching command results and some screenshots with current version and errors configuring File Persona requesting patch 59, I'm testing it in order to view how to integrate storeserv with 3rd party antivirus following this article, so good performance is not required:


Re: File Persona requires a patch

Looks like you're out of luck.  I don't see File Persona listed in "showversion -a".

P59 doesn't deal with File Persona but you might want to install it after installing MU4:


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Re: File Persona requires a patch


How can I install MU4 in simulator?

I tried this but I got an error:

CLUSTER cli% upgradecage -a
Upgrading cage cage0 cpuA from rev to revision in file /opt/tpd/fw/cage/ebod/hp_e12ebd_canister_local_combined_v4044.gff.
Error: Opcode = SCCMD_DOCDB
Node = 0
Tpd error code = TE_FAIL -- Generic failure code
Tpd error info = Scsi failure code 0x1


Re: File Persona requires a patch

I don't think you ever need to install cage or PD FW.

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Re: File Persona requires a patch

Ok so, How could I upgrade the simulator to MU4 without SAID?


Re: File Persona requires a patch

> How could I upgrade the simulator to MU4 without SAID?


Not sure you can.  ??  Unless the simulator download is already 3.2.2 MU4.

Emil Velez_2
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Re: File persona requires a patch

if you want to configure 3rd party virus scanning.  The original version of file persona at 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 support symantic and Mccaffee. 

The file persona for version 3.3 also supports trend micro too.

File persona supports the  ICAP protocol.  So what you do is

1. configure your ICAP servers

2. In file persona you add the ICAP servers to file persona.  YOu can have multiple servers but they have to be same vendor.

3. FOr each Virtual file server you enable dynamic scanning and then you can speify the access policy for each VFS. So you can have some Virtual File servers with virus checking and some VFSs that do not do virus scanning.


When you access a file if the file has not been scanned previously it is sent to the virus scanner if a virus is detected the file is not allowed for access. It works great.


depending on the share time the virus scanning can be done on

    scan on open and close or scan on open


we do a lab in the 2 day file persona course where we configure virus scanning and we have a text file with a sample signature so we get to see how it blocks access to the file.  


Good luck.. if you want to try out file persona many people attend the 2 day course http://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=c04830950

we just updated the course for 3.3 and to include FTP shares as well as NFS and CIFS



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