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HDD Part number

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HDD Part number


In HP 3PAR  storeserv 8000 4n, how to take Hard disk part number without removing it. 

Any command is there to check the Hard disk part number.



Re: HDD part number

Have you looked at "showpd -i"?

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Re: HDD part number

if i give showpd -i 

ST3PA101 cli% showpd -i
Id CagePos State ----Node_WWN---- --MFR-- -----Model------ -Serial- -FW_Rev- Protocol MediaType
0 0:0:0 normal 5000CCA0295CB114 HITACHI HVIPC0600GBFC15K LXWMZ92M VCX4 FC Magnetic

from this which is the HDD part number. 


Re: HDD part number

HITACHI: vendor (HGST)

HVIPC0600GBFC15K: Model

Unfortunately I can't find anything in for HPE 3PAR SAS Hard Drives.

When I do a google search I get:  640849-001

600GB Fibre Channel hard drive - 15,000 RPM, 3.5-inch large form factor (LFF), 4 Gb/s FC interface, 3PAR drive model HVIPC0600GBFC15K - For use with 3PAR T-Class storage systems, mounted with 3 screws, type DC4, FC, type-2 drive magazine

But you said you had a 8000. ??

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Re: HDD Part number

What are you trying to find out or achieve actually?

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