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HPE storeVirtual VSA to 3PAR replication

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HPE storeVirtual VSA to 3PAR replication


Does HPE is planning to have some kind of federation between HPE storeVirtual to 3par. Anyone got any news or idea how it will be and how its is going to benifit out of this


Re: HPE storeVirtual VSA to 3PAR replication

I haven't heard anything about this from the StoreVirtual product support team. HPE generally does not pre-announce new products or capabilities that may or may not be in development. 

StoreVirtual to 3PAR replication may not be the only way of accomplishing your goal. Please describe your objectives in greater detail.

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Re: HPE storeVirtual VSA to 3PAR replication

The native replication between storevirtual and storeserv is not possible.  we need a software based replication which can achieve this, but not sure about any plans as of now. better to contact product management for the feasibility of getting this done in near future.

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Re: HPE storeVirtual VSA to 3PAR replication

Thanks to all for your response.

The reason for this question is I have seen an HPE storage federation slide which highlighted about this.  I have attached the same.

I dont know what HPE actually meant by this.

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Re: HPE storeVirtual VSA to 3PAR replication

There was indeed the announcement (and some sldies refering to it) that this feature is coming but today it is not there yet...

And as far as I know there is no actual date communicated yet either...




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Re: HPE storeVirtual VSA to 3PAR replication

The possibility of doing replication from 3PAR to VSA has been discussed back when people were asking about a 3PAR VSA. The answer was basically we're not doing a 3PAR VSA but we were investigating replication between 3PAR and StoreVirtual VSA. 

I don't believe it's a solution we've committed to do so there wasn't ever a pre-announcement or timing of delivery. So Stor_Mort's point about HPE not talking about futures applies. You should talk to your HPE Representative if this is functionality you are interested in.