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Help with 3PAR E200 Initialization

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justen layne
Occasional Contributor

Help with 3PAR E200 Initialization

I have a used HP 3PAR E200. I performed a "setsysmgr wipe" on the system. It comes up and sees all the drives and cages, but when i try to make changes it gives me an error about the admin volme not being available. For instance "The admin volme needs to be available to change the network configuration". I also get "Error: the PR must be running on the admin volume to update SystemName".  When i run showld i see admin.0 and admin.1 . What do i need to do to get this up and running? Running Inform 2.3.1




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Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Help with 3PAR E200 Initialization

You need be able to login to the array to use ootb.

Or use the SP to do that.

justen layne
Occasional Contributor

Re: Help with 3PAR E200 Initialization

I can login using user:3paradm, password:3pardata .  How do i use ootb? I do not see that as a command. Was that available on Inform 2.3.1?

Sheldon Smith
Honored Contributor

Re: Help with 3PAR E200 Initialization

OOTB refers to the Out Of The Box process where the HP 3PAR array is initialized. It is not a CLI command. It and MOB are processes that is normally performed by HP service as part of the initial configuration. (MOB: Moment Of Birth process where the Service Processor is initialized.)


You should try opening a case with HP Support: 1-800-633-3600. The system uses a voice-response menu. Use the menu shortcut “Storage” then “3PAR”.

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