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High read latency with 3PAR 8200 and Hyper-V 2012 R2 during Veeam backups


High read latency with 3PAR 8200 and Hyper-V 2012 R2 during Veeam backups

We have an issue with high read latency when taking backups with Veeam v9. I'm having issues narrowing down what exactly is causing the problem but I know 100% that the 3PAR isn't causing the latency (HPE verified). I did think it had something to do with the queue depth on the HBA for the servers but I adjusted them from 32 (default) to 96 on each hyper-v server and rebooted.

This is my equipment:

  • 3PAR 8200 with all 12Gbps SAS SSD and 4x-Paths connects to.....
  • Two Brocade 300 fiber switches with 8Gbps transceivers connects to....
  • One HP c7000 Blade Enclosure with FlexFabric modules (two.. one port connects to one Brocade 300 and the other port connects to the other Brocade 300. 3PAR has a port from each controller connected to each Brocade 300)...
  • Six BL460 Gen8 servers and Two BL460 Gen9 servers
  • Hyper-v 2012 R2 (fully patched with HPE service pack 10 and all windows updates)

I am thinking that having only two 8Gbps paths in the FlexFabric modules are my bottle neck but unfortuanlly I don't see any FlexFabric/VC reports you can run to check the history!

Based on my design does anyone have any ideas on what I should look for?