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Issues Replacing disks on 3PAR System

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Issues Replacing disks on 3PAR System

I am having same issue here.


HP3PAR-SS1 cli% showpd -i -p -cg 0 -mg 8
Id CagePos State ----Node_WWN---- --MFR-- -----Model------ -Serial- -FW_Rev- Protocol MediaType
4 0:8:0 normal 5000CCA0172E7D40 HITACHI HVIPC0600GBFC15K JZVUKLAM VCX3 FC Magnetic
20 0:8:0? failed 5000CCA01E30E674 HITACHI HVIPC0600GBFC15K J9VVWPKL VCX3 FC Magnetic




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Re: Replacing disks on 3PAR System (servicemag)

a common problem of "me too" and "I am having same issue here." - nobody knows what YOUR problem really is, since you have likely other symptoms, other versions,, maybe other devices etc ...


Better open an own thread.


However, looks like a "dismisspd 20" could solve your problem, if the servicemag has finished and the old disk is still shown.

Hope this helps!

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