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Minimum increments to add disks to 3Par V400?

Jeremy C
Regular Advisor

Minimum increments to add disks to 3Par V400?

Currently have 3Par V400 with 2 magazines per cage, across 8 cages.  So that's 16 magazines; 64 disks.   I want to add more storage capacity. 


Do I need to buy 16 more magazines so I can distribute them perfectly evenly where I add a magazine to both left and right ends of each cage?  Or can I add just 8 (one per cage)? 


I suppose those are two questions: What's the minimum recommended to add and what's the ideal?



Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Minimum increments to add disks to 3Par V400?

>Or can I add just 8 (one per cage)?


I don't see why you have to have both a left and right but if you have 16 to add, it's a good idea.

And if you do add 8 now, when you add 8 later, balance them.


If you have less than 8, you may want to load the cages so they are spread across separate node pairs.