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Missing patchlevel in SPOCC

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Missing patchlevel in SPOCC



Anyone know how to trigger SPOCC to update Patch information for the 3PAR Storage?


cli% showversion -a -b
Release version (MU3)
Patches:  P17


In SPOCC it only shows and wont allow installing P18. Says i need to install P17.



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Re: Missing patchlevel in SPOCC

I'm having a similar issue. I'm on 3PAR team said it upgraded me to 3.2.1eMU3. Console and IMC show MU3. Tried to do an upgrade through the SP, it said it was successful but still shows MU3. I can, however, see Patch 18 available ABOVE eMU3.

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Re: Missing patchlevel in SPOCC

Forgot to add the solution.

Add and remove the 3PAR in SPmaint -> StoreServ Configuration Management.

Press Cancel on last popup when you remove.