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Node Replacemen in HP 3par 7200

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Node Replacemen in HP 3par 7200

Hi every body,

I have got an error on my node 1 of my storage.The status of LEDs on failed node was : status : on ( green without flashing)  , UID : on (blue without flashing ) , fault : on ( amber without flashing).According to the maintenace guide , it is ready to remove the node.So I remove the node and replace it with new one.All connection and cables are okey like faulty node.But this new node do not join to the cluster and LEDs are : status : on ( green without flashing) , UID : off , fault : off.I remove the node and reinstall it to the cage but the error it still remain.

Do you have any experience like  me ?

Please help.

Best regards.


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Re: Node Replacemen in HP 3par 7200

Hi Everybody,


I received below message in GUI after replacing the faulty node :


" Node 1 rescue failed due to being unable to retrieve kernel over udp port 69.the node may not be properly connected to the network."


any comment !

best regards.

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Re: Node Replacemen in HP 3par 7200


did you find out what was your problem? if your answer is yes would you please explain to me how did you fix it?


Mike Makers


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Re: Node Replacemen in HP 3par 7200

You need to connect the mgmt cable before inserting the node.

The new node will receive a clone of the running OS and all needed settings from the master node.

Hope this helps!

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