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Power Consumption ?


Power Consumption ?

How can one see the Power Consumption of a 3par System ?

Or is there a way to calculate this somehow ?

We have one v400 and one 7400

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Power consumption of v400 and 7400

I've never heard anyone ask that before.  There are no CLI commands to do that.

I would depend on how many nodes and the number and type of disks.

And how cool the room.

It might be easier to measure it, rather than attempt to estimate it.


Re: Power consumption of v400 and 7400

I hoped for some data like one could gather from an ilo board or blade system admin.

But seems like i have to sum up everything manually.


Like he did ...

Storage Array Power Consumption Calculation


Re: Power Consumption ?

Hi Marc0
You can use HP product bulletin to calculate power consumption based on no of enclosures and no of disks. There is no CLI command to find it out.

Re: Power Consumption ?

Thanks for the info.

So far i've calculated the following using the afore mentioned link.


- 3par InServ 400 with:
2 controllers @ 200W
4 enclosures @ 150W
112 fc hdd @ 6.3W
32 nl hdd @ 3W

Sums up to ~1.8kW


- 3par InServ 7400
2 controllers @ 200W
5 enclosures @ 150W
120 fc hdd @ 6.3W

Sums up to ~1.9kW


This are reasonable values i can live with.