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[SS8200 OS3.2.2] VVs don't appear in "Active VLUNs"

Occasional Advisor

[SS8200 OS3.2.2] VVs don't appear in "Active VLUNs"

Hello, experts.

I exported some VVs from 3par to a HPUX Server.

In "showvlun" command, VVs are appear in " VLUN Templates" , but aren't appear in "Active VLUNs"

Is there any setting needed?


Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: [SS8200 3.2.2] VVs don't appear in "Active VLUNs"

What does showhost show?

If they are only templates, it's because there is no path to that host.  Could be a zoning problem?