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SSMC 2.0 Reports Disappearing

Valued Contributor

SSMC 2.0 Reports Disappearing

I went ahead and installed SSMC 2.0. I generated a handful of nice reports. I noticed they disappeared. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas about where they might have gone? Are they supposed to persist through logoff and logon?

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Re: SSMC 2.0 Reports Disappearing



I have seen the same 'issue/feature'... I have reported it already to my contacts, no feedback so far...





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Re: SSMC 2.0 Reports Disappearing

As far as reported issues go, the only other problem I've seen with the SSMC is the fact that I cannot get accurate replication activity. Basically the activity that was occuring when I installed the SSMC  2.0 is the same activity that is being displayed today. Example attached.


2-4-2015 3-22-24 PM.png