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SSMC 3: Unable to modify the secured port

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SSMC 3: Unable to modify the secured port


Just upgraded from SSMC 2.2 to SSMC and first of all I couldn't find any Administrator's (or users) Manual for this version.

To consult the web interface from a workstation, we have created a CNAME which points to the server where the tool is installed, so in short: https://URL/

On SSMC 2.2 we used to modify Secure Port from 8443 to 443 which is the default HTTPS port.

On the new SSMC 3.0 the new settings are not applied even if we have modified the "C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\SSMC\ssmcbase\start.d\https.ini" to use port 443 and restarted the service/server.

Did anyone encounter similar issue? Or is there any other file 


In the meanwhile, I found it (post might be helpful for others :p )

To be able to use another port, modify Property default= to "443"

"C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\SSMC\ssmcbase\etc\jetty-ssl.xml"


Re: SSMC 3: Unable to modify the secured port

Here are links to the SSMC 3.0 docs:

Release notes

User guide

Administrator's guide

The SSMC 3.0 installer should have provided you with a confirmation of the port number and allowed you to edit it. Here's what I'm seeing when I perform an update from 2.2 to 3.0:

SSMC 3.0 Secure Port.jpg

You shouldn't have to edit any files...