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Space Reclaim

Anubhav Dhingra
Frequent Advisor

Space Reclaim



We have a 3par 7400, we had scheduled tasks to create snapshots every hour. However, when we realized that free space has gone down to just above 1%.  We reduced the frequency of snapshots from 1 hour to 2 Hour.  Then completely stopped the snapshots. All the snapshots are deleted.  However, free space is still 1%. Do we need to perform any other  housekeeping to claim that space. Please assist.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Space Reclaim after snapshots

>that free space has gone down to just above 1%.


Have you set up any alerts?


>free space is still 1%.


What command did you used to determine this?

What does "showcpg -d" show for your CPG?


>Do we need to perform any other housekeeping to claim that space?


Is it still at 1%?

Honored Contributor

Re: Space Reclaim after snapshots


you need to run

showcpg -r

to determine where your free space is held

and then run

compactcpg "cpg name"

to reclaim space you can need to run on all cpg's where snapshots where created


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