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Starting synchronous remote copy with low priority

Occasional Contributor

Starting synchronous remote copy with low priority


We have to stop RC groups one by one for some maintenance operations. Starting groups again will cause a large impact to all hosts: 30 - 40 ms delays before the sync is ready. Starting only one group with 2 TB of volumes inside takes 20 minutes before the sync state is green and the whole time it causes delays.

Is there an option to start remote copy sync again with lower priority?

2-node 8200, 3.2.2 MU4

Sheldon Smith
Honored Contributor

Re: Starting synchronous remote copy with low priority

No. The "startrcopygroup" command has no priority option.
It would be a trade-off, but could you wait and start it later during off-hours? You mentioned multiple RCGs. Can you start each one using "startrcopygroup -wait" so only one is re-syncing at a time?

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