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System Wipe of my 3PAR T800

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System Wipe of my 3PAR T800

I am in the process of decommisioning an old 3PAR T800. I found "setsysmgr wipe" but it gives me:

Are you sure you want to run setsysmgr wipe?
select q=quit y=yes n=no: y
Error setting system state. System has already been started up.

Is there a command or process that i can do to romove everthing off the system and just put it back to factory settings?


Re: System Wipe of my 3PAR T800

Hi Carlos,


The setsysmgr wipe command is not for decommisioning the system, 

For decommisioning you need to login to the 3PAR node as a console user, and run the system wipe.

Sample Console Menu as below,

1. Out Of The Box Procedure
2. Run ootb-stress-analyzer
3. Re-enter network configuration
4. Update the CBIOS
5. Enable or disable CLI error injections
6. Perform an IDE rescue
7. Set up the system to wipe and rerun ootb
8. Cancel a wipe
9. Perform a deinstallation
10. Exit


7. Set up the system to wipe and rerun ootb
Option-7 should only be used when you are preparing an InServ to have all data destroyed
(wiped). After confirming that you really want to do this the settings on the InServ will be
cleared and then all nodes will be rebooted simultaneously.

Thanks and Regards,



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