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VMware ESX Host Persona

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VMware ESX Host Persona

We have been running InForm OS 3.1.2 for some time, and now want to upgrade our 3PARs to 3.1.3.  We have some ESX Server Psersonas set to "6".  HPE recommends "11", but "6" is still supported (I think).  Do I have to change before I upgrade or can I wait until later; i.e. -after?

We also have some ESX Clusters where 5 of the servers have Persona 11, and 2 of the ESX Servers have Persona 6.  (Dumb of us!)  They seem to work fine now, at Inform OS 3.1.2.  Will they continue to work at InForm OS 3.1.3?



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Re: VMware ESX Host Persona


the difference beween persona 6 and 11 is how ESX hosts sees the disks form the 3par

see HPE 3PAR VMware ESX/ESXi Implementation Guide

Page 126