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What is "SFP POM level to Green"?

Occasional Contributor

What is "SFP POM level to Green"?

Dear supporter,

I am using 3PAR SAN, HP San SW and SFP brocade which all from HP. Today, our server was hang and I have to force restart. After checking the log file, the warning message is " SFP POM level to Green: WWN/MAC = 10:00:00:xx:xx:xx:xx".

I tried to google it but no luck. Is there anyone know about this message?

Best regards.


Occasional Visitor

Re: What is "SFP POM level to Green"?

This information shows that was connected your SFP brocade again, so marked in green. To me he showed me SFP connector when connecting my brocade to SAN SWITCH