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Windows 2012 R2 mpclaim -v access denied error

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Windows 2012 R2 mpclaim -v access denied error

Hello all,

I have the following error message when running mpclaim -v config.txt

File creation failed. report.txt. Error 5
Failed to write MPIO configuration to file.
Access is denied.

1. Iam running an elevated command prompt.

2. I have enabled the "Allow EFS to generate self-signed certificates when a certification authority is not available." in the GPO.

3. 3par runs normal and no errors on the 3par or Oneview

4. The account used is domain admin

5. We use the latest MPIO driver, version 6.3.9600.18217. The 3par OS is 3.2.2 MU2

6. I have ran the command from the folder c:\temp\ as well

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Re: Windows 2012 R2 mpclaim -v access denied error

** I am HPE Employee ***

I am more into 3PAR hardware but let me try to help

As this gives permission deined message it could be that the folder where the report is suppose to get stored may not have complete permission to the User.

How about adding the user account to give FULL Right in NTFS permissions on folder where the report is getting created and try

There is dependency on Windows here as well