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certificate acceptance needed. Cannot upgrade my 3par OS

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certificate acceptance needed. Cannot upgrade my 3par OS

Hello, i have a 3PAR StoreServ 8200, i want to perfom patch update on my 3par by Service Console. But i met some problems.

1) the sp cannot communicate with the storeserv. Certificate acceptance needed. When i want to update/checkhealth it didnt allow me do anything

2) i have performed Generating a Certificate Signing Request, but occurred an error "invalid certificate"

Invalid certificateInvalid certificatecertificate acceptancecertificate acceptance

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Re: certificate acceptance needed. Cannot upgrade my 3par OS

There are 2 different things here. There's a certificate of SSMC and a unified-server certificate which is installed on the 3Par array. The unified-server service includes wsapi, cim and cli.

Most probably it's the unified-server service certificate which is expired on your array, you can check it by issuing the showcert command onto CLI. If this is the case, you can easily renew this self-signed certificate by using the following command:
createcert unified-server -selfsigned -keysize 2048 -days 3650

Even though I doubt it, but you could always go ahead and check if you'd need to (re)accept the certificate by logging into Administrator Console on SSMC.

In addition, if you want to implement CA certificates on SSMC 3PAR Management Console, you can follow the manual below:
SSMC v.3.3 HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console 3.3 - Two-Factor Authentication Process in SSMC

or if you're about to deploy a CA signed certificate for CLI, CIM and WSAPI (unified-server) you can have a look at Implementing CA Certificates on Primera GUI

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Re: certificate acceptance needed. Cannot upgrade my 3par OS

I assume he has this problem with the SP and not the SSMC.

If showcert shows that the certificate is not expired, I would simply try to remove and re-add the Storage from the SP.


That was not planned in this way.