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disk failed again after disk replacement on 3PAR F400

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disk failed again after disk replacement on 3PAR F400

disk id:19 1:9:0 showed ""Degraded"". And it changed to ""failed"" after one day. I referred below link & replaced the disk without run ''servicemag start"'. (http://h20464.www2.hp.com/Media/F2F87A23-1853-45E1-9E23-7BC75949A62A/en/3p7_diskdrive_gui.htm). After disk replacement, system add one disk, 1:9:0 and showed ''Degraded"'. Run command "'servicemag status"' and got ''No servicemag operations logged.'' 

Run ''servicemag resume 1 9'", and ""servicemag status"' showed servicemag resume 1 9 -- is in Progress"". its looked like ok. One day later, ID 11 1:9:0  ""Failed"' and ID 19 1:9:0 ? ""Failed". Run ''servicemag status -d"" and got below message:

servicemag status -d
Cage 1, magazine 9:
A servicemag resume command failed on this magazine.
The command completed at Thu Nov 17 10:13:54 2016.
The output of the servicemag resume was:
servicemag resume 1 9
... mag 1 9 already onlooped
... upgrading firmware on pd WWN [5000CCA0175928C4]...
... firmware is current on pd WWN [5000CCA0402D813C] Id [19]
... checking for valid disks...
... checking for valid disks...
... disks in mag : 1 9
... normal disks: WWN [5000CCA0175928C4] Id [11] diskpos [0]
... not normal disks: WWN [5000CCA0402D813C] Id [19]
... verifying spare space for disks 19 and 11
... playback chunklets from pd WWN [5000CCA0175928C4] Id [11]
... All chunklets played back / relocated.
... cleared logging mode for cage 1 mag 9
... relocating chunklets from spare space
... chunklet 1:2037 - move_error,move_failed, failed move
... chunklet 2:2037 - move_error,move_failed, failed move
... chunklet 25:2154 - move_error,move_failed, failed move
... chunklet 27:2154 - move_error,move_failed, failed move

What can I do?

Dennis Handly
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Re: disk failed again after disk replacement on 3PAR F400

What OS version do you have?

What does "showpd -s" show?