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how to online remove a disk cage


how to online remove a disk cage

Hi Everyone,

IHAC has a knotty requirement about removing one disk cage.

Environment:  3par 7400 with two disk cage(0&1).  OS: 3.2.2

This 3par is low space utilized. The customer want to re-allocate the used space into cage0. Then remove cage 1, and re-arrange it to another 3par storage. So the question is how to remove the cage 1, since the chunklets have spreaded to all the disks.

My plan is:

1)  create a new CPG with -cg option to specify the cage 0

2) tunevv, put all the VVs into the new CPG

3) dismisspd all disks in the cage1

4) the physical cable dis-connect

Is my plan workable?  Is the tunevv operation non-distruptive? 

Thomas Martin
Trusted Contributor

Re: how to online remove a disk cage


please tell us more about the 3PAR 7400. Is this a 7400-2 or a 7400-4 Node system? If it is a 4 Node system then you have 2 Controller shelfs. You can't remove a Controllershelf.


Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: how to online remove a disk cage

Please provide showcage and showpd output.

If you only have one cage, you would have to create your CPG with -ha mag.