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issue with 7200

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issue with 7200

We shutdown our 7200 about a few days ago to move it to another site. We didn't touch any cabling except for the fiber conenctions going into each node. They will be connected once we were to power it back on.

I powered it on(not a storage guy lol) but as luck would have you, it seems it has not come up correctly and would like to troubleshoot this a little further.

I tried to login to the 3par mgmt console and it throws an error "The cache server is waiting for the system manager to finish reporting the system configuration and status" please try again later... It has been 2 hours.

I am able to putty into the 3par and run showsysmgr-d and it comes back with

TOC quorum found for TOC 893896, but waiting for nodes 1 to boot up. If the nodes are offline, use 'setsysmgr tocgen 8                     93896'.

TOCs found:
Valid TOC:   Name(hp3par01) Sysid(10970) Gen(893896) Modified(2017-12-06 17:25:00 EST) Disk count(52/52)


Any suggestions on where to start?  Not a storage guy but can follow directions... ;)

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Re: issue with 7200

one node does not come up. investigate this. meanwhile the tocgen is probably your only choiceto run the array with single controller.
in case of doubt better ask hpe support.

Hope this helps!

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Dennis Handly
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Re: issue with 7200

> TOC quorum found for TOC 893896, but waiting for nodes 1 to boot up.


It may be that one node didn't boot.