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vmware hosts cannot scan out 3par luns after reboot

Frequent Advisor

vmware hosts cannot scan out 3par luns after reboot

we have 10 hosts connects 3par . each of them zoned with 3par ports.
we found every host cannot search the luns which are used before reboot normally after reboot.
And we disabled all the ports of the failed hosts on the san switches, then just enable one port of them,do the rescan, the luns are back.
How time flies~~~
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: vmware hosts cannot scan out 3PAR LUNs after reboot

When your host are failing to access the LUNs, does the array see the hosts?

What do these commands indicate?

showportdev fcswitch <NSP>

showportdev fcfabric <NSP>

showportdev findport <WWN> <NSP>