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Re: 3par SCOM Capacity Dashboard not working

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3par SCOM Capacity Dashboard not working


I have 3par 8000 and I installed HPE Storage Management pack for System Center v4.4. I have couple of problems. First one is that I can not get capacity dashboard working on console outside of OpsMgr server. On my local console all i get is this error (see picture atached) . I dont now if something is missing or it simply doesnt work. Also I can not get SNMP to get events, but up to now I think it had something to do with SCOM problem itself, but I trying to solve one problem by one

Occasional Advisor

Re: 3par SCOM Capacity Dashboard not working

so after some time i get why some things are not working

Capacity Dashboard problem

Capacity Dashboard is not working from remote console in next case. You are loged in on the PC with user that doesnt have acsess to SCOM server. On SCOM console startup on that PC you are asked for the credentials (picture 1.) to conect to scom console. When you give credentials you can work on scom console, but if you try to Conect to management server in Capacity dasboard screen you get error (picture 2.). reason for this is that capacity dashboard conects to management server with HP Stroage management mp installed with admin c$ file share and reads data from HP MP to present it. It seems that when you click connect in first case it uses user credentials you are loged on the PC and not scom credentials. In any case you need to have admin file share access to management server to use Capacity dashboard. Corect me please if I am wrong  

If you start SCOM console as a different user (picture 3) Capacity dashboard works and you can connect to management server.

SNMP alerts problem

Also if you do checksnmp command on 3PARStore storge to send test snmp trap to management server you dont see it in the console. Only if you pull cable out of 3par storage you will get snmp alert in scom console. What is the point of this test SNMP trap if I can not see it on first instalation of MP to check if everything is working fine. ?