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10 Continuous Delivery And DevOps Experts You Need To Follow On Twitter (And Elsewhere)


 By: Ronda Swaney


Continuous delivery is the fuel that feeds the DevOps engine, yet it's this concept that is often the biggest obstacle—physically and mentally—for IT teams to overcome. This may be especially true in large enterprises that must change their delivery mindset from months down to days—or even hours.


Get inspired to overcome these obstacles by following the great advice of these DevOps experts:


Twitter provides a great source to connect with top continuous delivery experts1. Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) in 1997 cofounded Tripwire, a software company that provides security and compliance solutions to businesses. In 1999, Kim began to study high-performing IT operations. That study led him to author several books. His latest is The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win. He's a frequent speaker on the topics of continuous delivery and DevOps.


2. Jez Humble (@jezhumble) is currently VP at Chef and lecturer at UC Berkeley. He quite literally wrote the book on continuous delivery. He is coauthor of the Jolt Award-winning book Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation with Dave Farley.


3. Dave Farley (@davefarley77) coauthored Continuous Delivery with Jez Humble. In the early to mid 2000s, he worked at Thoughtworks, a company closely aligned with the agile development movement. Dave is recognized as a thought leader in the fields of continuous delivery and DevOps.


4. Ralph Loura (@RalphLoura) is CIO of HP's Enterprise Group. DevOps is never far from his mind, and it appears often in his tweets. In a recent discussion, he said, "The continuous integration and continuous delivery model that DevOps enables requires continuous business stakeholder engagement."


5. Axel Fontaine (@axelfontaine) is CEO of Boxfuse, a company that can create a micro OS from your application in seconds. He's also project lead at Flyway, an open source data-migration tool. He teaches an intensive, hands-on course, "Architecting for Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime."


6. Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) is a principal program manager and community architect for Microsoft. He's also an avid podcaster who interviews some top tech leaders. Dive into his nearly 500 podcasts at the HanselMinutes Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers.


7. Damon Edwards (@damonedwards) is a founder of DTO Solutions. DTO is an acronym for Development To Ops, which pretty much sums up his passion and focus. Edwards works with businesses to find solutions for large, mission-critical IT ops. Edwards co-hosts the monthly DevOps Cafe podcast.


8. Kurt Bittner (@ksbittner) is a principal analyst at Forrester Research. Bittner is a frequent contributor to in-depth research on how enterprises can avoid the security and quality pitfalls often inherent in continuous delivery.


9. Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois) is a founding father of the DevOps philosophy. He coined the word DevOps and founded devopsdays, a conference held annually in multiple cities worldwide since 2009.


10. Electric Cloud (@electriccloud) gathers top DevOps thinkers regularly for their #c9d9 discussions. Go here for upcoming episodes and recaps of their first 20 episodes of Continuous Discussions (#c9d9).


For a deeper discussion of this topic, see 4 best practices that are needed to achieve continuous delivery.



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