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5 Reasons to Adopt a Flexible Usage Model in On-Premises Data Centers


HPE Flexible Capacity is a consumption-based model that delivers on-demand flexible IT capacity, leveraging the agility and economics of public clouds with the control, security, and performance of on-premises data centers. 
Thanks to the benefits generated by cloud-computing for provisioning IT services, more-and-more businesses are taking advantage of the cloud’s consumption-based IT payment model. What businesses pay for servers, storage, and networking is based on what they use.

The cloud also simplifies IT operations and gives business users access to the latest innovations and technology. As the cloud provides the ability to quickly scale IT resources up-and-down according to business needs, the senior management team doesn’t have to guess how much capacity the business needs. Consumption-based payments also provide the flexibility to adjust costs month by month.

Yet using the cloud takes away much of the control that businesses prefer to have over their IT environments. As the analyst firm IDC points out, that’s why many companies are now turning to a hybrid approach: using a consumption-based model in their own internal data center.

Here are five reasons to adopt a flexible usage model in an on-premises data center:

  1. Increased control: In comparison to public cloud platforms, deploying a flexible infrastructure service on premises increases control over security, privacy, latency, user experiences, and compliance.
  1. Financial predictability: An on-premises infrastructure service aligns cash flows so that when the business generates more revenue, IT costs increase, and vice-versa. This is key because significant savings are realized when avoiding the overprovisioning of IT resources. 451 Research estimates that 58% of businesses on average over-provision compute resources so they won’t get caught flat-footed if IT demand spikes. This concern goes away with an on-premises infrastructure service.
  2. Flexible capacity: The business can always “just say yes” to new projects and new customers. The on-premises infrastructure service provides ready-to-go, expandable compute resources, which accelerates the time-to-market of products and creates IT agility when on-boarding customers.
  3. Simplified IT operations: With a usage-based model in the data center, it’s easier to operate IT and there’s less day-to-day tactical work for IT to do. By streamlining IT operations, the managing and monitoring of the data center can even be handed off to a trusted partner. That gives the internal IT team more time to focus on strategic initiatives that drive revenue and reduce operational costs.
  4. Shared risk: Trying a new venture, application, or customer segment is a risk when purchasing IT capacity up-front. Conversely, the consumption-based model enables more risk-taking. The business can provision extra capacity now but pay only for the compute resources used. If compute resources go unused, the on-demand capacity can be returned to reduce payments.

Public cloud benefits combined with on-premises data center control

A consumption-based on-premises infrastructure service that’s delivering benefits to businesses right now is HPE Flexible Capacity. You benefit from on-demand flexible IT capacity services as well as the agility and economics of public clouds, combined with the control, security, and performance of on-premises data centers. Here are some of the key features:

  • HPE owns and supports any choice of on-premises equipment.
  • You pay for compute resources based on metered usage and can access self-service reporting to forecast future demand.
  • An on-site buffer allows you to quickly scale up capacity when needed and avoid spending on unused capacity.

Backing all this up is the HPE Datacenter Care support team, which acts as an extension of internal IT teams to help operate hybrid IT environments. HPE works closely with you to forecast current and projected capacity.

To find out more about HPE Flexible Capacity, check out this video and learn how HPE works with businesses to ensure extra capacity is deployed ahead of oncoming demand.

Then read this case study to see how Accenture serves up its on-premises infrastructure service to provide a foundation for building innovative solutions.

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