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Application transformation: Three apps that foster collaboration and innovation


By: Ronda Swaney


What makes a well-executed app? How does application transformation occur so an app inspires loyalty, innovation, and growth? Here are three examples.

  1. IFTTT: If This, Then That. IFTTT enables automation of everything from a user's favorite app or website to app-enabled smart devices. IFTTT uses conditional statements called "IF recipes" and "DO recipes." IF recipes run in the background while DO recipes run at the tap of a screen. An IF recipe might be "If I post a picture on Instagram, save the photo to Dropbox." A DO recipe could be "Tap to turn my Hue lights off or on." The app shares recipes created by other users. IFTTT has Reddit and Github pages where users share insights and app tweaks. The IFTTT blog announces new channels, which are data sets with which IFTTT can interact. Currently, IFTTT interacts with 200+ web services and web-enabled products, including LinkedIn, Nest, Philips hue, and Instagram.
  2. Asana: The Asana app realized the inefficiency of email when managing projects, so the tool circumvents email entirely. You can create projects and tasks, assign tasks to team members, and set due dates. You can attach any needed files to a task and keep your conversations associated with a project or task, putting all project communications in one place. The Asana blog shares productivity tips and better ways for teams to collaborate. There's also a page for developers who can use the Asana API to interact with other applications. For example, you can open Harvest, a time-tracking tool, without leaving Asana. The goal is to keep project management and all its related tools in one place.
  3. Evernote: Evernote focuses on note-taking and archiving. With Evernote, you can collect notes, web clips, audio, photos, and other media that you want to keep. Evernote indexes content, making it easy to search, and the app has Reddit and Github pages. Some new users find its minimalist design hard to get used to. Recognizing a potential drawback, the Evernote blog Tips & Stories category provides interviews of Evernote users like HGTV personality Anthony Carrino and MythBusters host Adam Savage. The stories describe how they use the tool in their work. The site also provides quick tips to improve functionality.

How application transformation happens

How did application transformation occur for these apps? Each performs different business functions, but what do they share?

  • Each delivers multichannel solutions: Today, this is a given. If your app works in only one platform or operating system, you shortchange its business potential.
  • All encourage collaboration: They recognize that collaboration is the new way of doing business.
  • All inspire innovation: Each app saw a need and filled it. Obviously, these tools have staying power. Each has been around for several years—a lifetime in mobile-app years. All have remained relevant because they recognize that innovation is the key to longevity.

Is your mobile application transformation strategy in place? Check out the following advisory to learn innovative ways to interact with customers, employees, and partners.



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Content marketer focusing on IT, technology, and healthcare for CXOs, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Ronda advises clients on how to best communicate their messaging by taking complex material and simplifying it to engage both tech geeks and the uninitiated.

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