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Five DevOps experts who are redefining leadership in IT


Author: Ritika Puri, a self-described entrepreneur and people-lover immersed in tech


The best way to learn is by studying others who have been exactly where you are now. Today's IT landscape is more complex than ever. Customers are hungry for faster, better services, while organizations are exploring initiatives to transform their infrastructures.


If you're seeking inspiration, look no further than the following five DevOps experts who are redefining leadership in IT.


DevOps experts

1. Kathryn Kuhn, transformation consultant at Rally Software


Technology leader Kathryn Kuhn is passionate about corporate innovation, speed to market and transformative cultures that bring new products to market faster. Prior to her role at Rally Software, Kuhn spent years leading IT application transformation programs within HP, where she increased speed to innovation for more products and services. You can hear about her experiences with IT innovation in her talk at the 2014 Lean Startup Conference.


2. Terri Potts, engineering fellow at Raytheon


Leading a team of 1,500 software developers across 100 programs in the US, Terri Potts is responsible for implementing modern techniques and methodologies at US defense contractor Raytheon. For the past five years, she has sought to increase efficiency while delivering services faster. You can learn about the milestones she's reached and challenges she's faced by reading her interview with Puppet Labs.


3. Jason Cox, director of software engineering at The Walt Disney Company


As a brand that prides itself on superior customer experiences, Disney manages many moving parts behind the scenes. That's where the company's director of software engineering, Jason Cox, comes in. A self-described "champion of DevOps practices, collaboration, curiosity, agile and lean methodologies," Cox connects the dots between Disney's multiple business lines and brand identities. Learn more about Disney's approach to DevOps.


4. Courtney Kissler, vice president of e-commerce and store technologies at Nordstrom


Two years ago, Nordstrom embarked on a transformation in its software infrastructure, beginning with a move to agile. Courtney Kissler has been at the center of this journey, leading Nordstrom onto a path of continuous improvement. Listen to her presentation from the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit.


5. Prabhakar Gopalan, founder at PG Consulting


With a background in systems thinking for companies such as Rackspace and Red Hat, Prabhakar Gopalan founded a strategy consulting firm to help c-suite leaders connect the dots between sales, engineering, marketing and product development. His "whole mind" approach to strategy blends creativity with logic to help organizations drive growth and stronger relationships with their customers. You can learn more about Gopalan through his Craftsman PM workshop.

  Final thoughts

Strong leadership is a must for navigating IT's uncertainties and rapidly evolving trends. These individuals are present at all organizational levels and initiate change on a consistent basis. Let them inspire your business.


IT leaders are in tune with new ways of working, new technologies and new approaches to provide a continuous competitive advantage. Read the HP 2015 Report: Profiling infrastructure leaders for further insight.


2015: Profiling Infrastructure Leaders


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Ritika PuriRitika Puri


Ritika is a corporate intrapreneur turned startup founder and writer. She enjoys helping companies build stronger customer relationships and bring products to market faster through her company, Storyhackers.

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