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Five hybrid infrastructure challenges in the service broker model


By: Ronda Swaney


IT Broker, cloud broker, broker, IT, Hybrid ITThe new style of business includes hybrid IT and presents serious hybrid infrastructure challenges to your enterprise.


There are endless ways to configure your infrastructure:

  • Private and public cloud
  • On-premise and off-premise solutions
  • Leased, owned, or pay-as-you-go payment structures


The IT as a service broker model addresses the complications that come with so many choices.


Yet this model also comes with problems of its own. Here are a few and what you can do about them.


1. You have to be the expert

If you're the IT leader, your enterprise expects you to be the tech expert. The service broker model demands the ability to navigate complex offerings from multiple cloud providers and services.


2. You have to manage the deal

Not only do you have to be the tech expert, you also need negotiation skills, because you'll be working with vendors to create optimal SLAs for optimal cost. Be familiar with the available pricing structures. Also be ready to prove that your choice is the best for the bottom line.


3. You have to understand the business

One main hybrid infrastructure challenge is the requirement for IT to know the business better. It's not enough to know IT. You must understand how other business units add to the business bottom line and how IT enables them.


4. You have to be the security and compliance gatekeeper

The rise of mobility and cloud and the ever-increasing speed of business destroyed that safety net that IT once maintained. As infrastructure becomes both internal and external, public and private, IT must ensure security and compliance regulations are met. This model requires greater enterprise-level oversight, which must migrate to the cloud along with the services.


5. You have to guide your team

You may be ready for the service broker model, but is your organization? Be ready to guide IT and non-IT staff on this path. Even when the enterprise knows that addressing hybrid infrastructure challenges is a necessity, your C-suite leaders may need convincing.


You must use cost analysis, improved business metrics, and assurances that security is maintainable.


Inside IT, the new model requires a new mindset. Your staff must think like service providers instead of order takers. This move requires a culture shift and business-oriented mindset. You may need to train current staff and hire new staff to face these challenges.


How well you address hybrid infrastructure challenges with this model hinges on the human side of the equation. Acquiring the mindset, skills, and business acumen for this model is what will allow this transition to succeed.


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Ronda SwaneyRonda Swaney


Content marketer focusing on IT, technology, and healthcare for CXOs, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Ronda advises clients on how to best communicate their messaging by taking complex material and simplifying it to engage both tech geeks and the uninitiated.

About the author

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