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Five ways automation frees developers and enterprises


By: Ritika Puri


When it comes to automation, everyone wins: your executive team, your developers, and most importantly, your customers. The reason? Technical teams are often tied up with mundane, repetitive tasks that limit organizations to status quo operations. As companies get bigger, so do complexities. Strategic opportunities become buried under fire drills and basic maintenance. New product development begins to stagnate, developers begin to feel frustrated, and human creativity becomes lost.


Automation should have been your top engineering priority yesterday. Here are five benefits that this strategic focus can bring to your organization and development teams:


1. Freed human capital

DeveloperWhen your team members are bogged down with maintenance, support, and troubleshooting, they lack the time to get creative. Many organizations tackle this human capital crunch by hiring more people, but good developers are often tough to find and could take months to hire. Automation can help by freeing up time for the people who are already on board. You'll give them space to explore new initiatives while also giving them room to pursue what they love.


2. Risk reduction

Manual processes leave room for human error. Even the smartest developers will make mistakes from time to time, which is why you need to create safeguards against potential hiccups. Automation is your answer. By reducing the amount of manual work that your developers take on, you eliminate the potential for routine errors. Team members can focus on high-level strategy and leave the leg-work to machines.


3. Faster service delivery

Automation can help eliminate the lag time that comes with human-powered services. When teams spend less time on mundane operational tasks, they can focus on solving problems and tackling challenges faster. Rather than getting bogged down by deploying tech, they can interface with customers, explore questions, test hypotheses, and get to the heart of any and all bottlenecks.


4. Non-technical efficiencies

The benefits of automation aren't just limited to dev teams. Different parts of your company, ranging from sales, marketing, and even creative services, will benefit from streamlining processes and leaving more leg-work to machines. Engineering teams can help provide much-needed guidance along the way. Thanks to automation, teams can become more efficient, with dev functions setting a much-needed precedent.


5. Systematic anomaly detection

Even for today's most advanced organizations, security risks create ongoing concerns. Despite the preventative measures that companies implement, unknowns are ever-present: it's impossible to know whether or when a breach is likely to happen. That's why companies need an added layer to speed up their response times. Automation can help expedite response and recovery times to help make sure that you're never, ever taking chances with your infrastructure.


Final thoughts

Automation may be easy to put off because it takes some upfront work, but it's worth it. Your teams have better things to do with their brainpower than engage with dull, repetitive tasks. Empower them to achieve more.

For more on automation, read the whitepaper Getting grounded with DevOps.




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