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HPE Discover session highlights: Join us on the Hybrid IT journey


Planning your HPE Discover agenda? Check out these top Hybrid IT spotlight and innovation sessions to hear from executives, experts and customers. And join us in person or virtually June 19-21. 

HPE Discover 2018_blog.jpgAccording to a recent report, 74% of customers surveyed will be operating in multi-cloud environments in two years, and 59% of those will rely on Hybrid IT interoperability. * What’s more, 34% of customers surveyed had migrated applications back from public cloud in 2017 versus 21% in 2015.*

Clearly, it’s full speed ahead in the journey to Hybrid IT. At HPE Discover, we’ll be talking a lot about the future of Hybrid IT, heading toward autonomous centers of data where data is distributed from core to cloud to edge.

Don’t miss these key Hybrid IT sessions

If you are joining us in Las Vegas, check out my recommended list for top Hybrid IT sessions and register now. You can easily find these and every other session online in the HPE Discover Agenda Builder—including spotlight and innovation sessions with both a business and technical focus. And if can’t join us in person, you can join us virtually with live-streaming sessions. Simply bookmark HPE Discover to follow along in real time.

You might want to start with Alain Andreoli’s spotlight session, asking: Is the future of the data center autonomous? (Hint: The answer is YES.)

SL5212: Is the future of the data center autonomous?

  • Speaker: Alain Andreoli, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hybrid IT Infrastructure
  • Abstract: The power of AI is creating more autonomous customer experiences in industries all around us. Is the data center next? Join Alain as he explores the future of the data center and discusses how HPE is applying the power of AI to infrastructure to build autonomy into the hybrid IT experience for your business.
  • When: Tuesday, June 19 – 9:00 -10:00 a.m. PDT

SL4923: What’s possible when you embed AI in your storage? The predictive all-flash advantage

  • Abstract: Is your storage solution a place that houses your data or an experience that helps propel your business? Join us to learn how all-flash storage that leverages AI and predictive analytics to predict and prevent problems will deliver business outcomes that can advantage your organization. Explore options for a multi-cloud future-proof environment with easy mobility between on-premises and the public cloud. Dig into new HPE Storage solutions that offer an experience that gets better through innovation in technology and a flexible business model.
  • Speaker: Milan Shetti, General Manager, Global Storage Business
  • When: Wednesday, June 20 – 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. PDT

SL4785: The Machine project and memory-driven computing: Powering tomorrow’s AI-driven enterprise

  • Abstract: The Machine project has achieved a lot since it was announced in 2014. We built the world’s largest single-memory computer and sped up real-world algorithms by up to 10,000x. We are excited about using its Memory-Driven Computing architecture to accelerate machine learning, supercomputing, containerized data centers and edge-to-core distributed systems. Speakers from HPE will discuss our plans to power the hyper-competitive future.
  • Speakers: Kirk Bresniker, Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Fellow, Vice President, Chief Architect and HP Fellow at Hewlett Packard Labs; Michael Woodacre, SGI Marketing; Randy Meyer, Vice President & General Manager, Mission-critical Servers; Eng Lim Goh PhD, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, HPC & AI; Sharad Singhal, Director, Machine Software and Applications; Martina Trucco, Senior Manager, Innovation and Brand Integration
  • When: Wednesday, June 20 – 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. PDT

SL5204: Lessons from an FBI security expert: Defeating cyber criminals before they attack

  • Abstract: Keeping up with the current threats in your Hybrid IT environment is an ongoing challenge that technology and security teams need to stay ahead of. Join our panel, including an FBI expert, for a briefing on evolving cybersecurity threats and learn how to counteract these threats to secure your Hybrid IT environment spanning people, processes and technology.
  • Speakers: Lois Boliek, Security and Assurance Strategist; Bob Moore, Director of Server Software and Product Security; James Morrison, Computer Scientist, Houston Cyber Task Force, FBI
  • When: Wednesday, June 20 – 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. PDT

SL5158: 50 things you can do with artificial intelligence, and how to do them right

  • Abstract: Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the hottest area in computing. But what, exactly, can you do with it? And how do we harness the potential of AI so that humans can shape the next economy, generating business value while embracing diversity? This session will explore some amazing things you can use AI for, and how you can build the culture, skills and tools necessary to enhance human capabilities across every industry. Join experts from across HPE to learn how AI done right can change our world for the better.
  • Speakers: Beena Ammanath, Global Vice President, Big Data, AI, Incubation CoE; Pankaj Goyal, Vice President, AI Incubation & Data Center Strategy; Rebecca Lewington, Senior Marketing Manager, Analytics and Advanced Architectures
  • When: Thursday, June 21 – 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. PDT

IS5197: No longer a science project: Are you ready for enterprise blockchain?

  • Abstract: Investment in blockchain has grown to more than $2.2 billion over the last five years. The number of proof-of-concepts has increased 2.5x year-over-year. Much of that activity has come from enterprises. Why are they investing so much? What have they learned? And why haven’t we seen large-scale production yet? We’ll answer these questions plus explore some of the popular use cases, identify the value corporations see in blockchain and discuss why, after all their investment and experimentation, they have found that blockchain for the enterprise is hybrid.
  • Speaker: Raphael Davison, Global Director of Blockchain Incubation
  • When: Thursday, June 21 – 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. PDT

See you soon for HPE Discover—live in Las Vegas or joining in virtually (just like I’ll be doing!).

*451 Research. Voice of the Enterprise Quarterly Advisory Report. 2015 – 2017.


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