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HPE Enables Greater Hybrid IT Innovation


To accelerate business innovation and keep pace with competitors, IT must change its paradigm for delivering application services. Choose HPE Data Center Infrastructure Solutions to enable hybrid IT.

Blog_Hybrid_Cloud.jpgTo accelerate business innovation and keep pace with increasingly-competitive markets, IT must change its paradigm for delivering application services. IT infrastructures need to support continuous digital transformation solutions so end users can collaborate more effectively with each other as well as customers and business partners. At the same time, the infrastructure must also drive greater IT agility and scalability while lowering compute costs.

Given the rapid pace of digital transformation, businesses now require a hybrid, high-demand IT infrastructure that can keep up. This means utilizing multiple application provisioning options including dedicated on-premises data centers, on-premises private clouds, and public clouds. IT should be able to turn the environment that best meets the specific business and application needs.

Your business stands to gain a great deal from a hybrid IT approach. But it’s also important to find the right balance without compromising or trading off critical attributes such as application performance, security, compliance, and control. 

Public cloud is not for every workload

The public cloud was previously viewed as the perfect way to accelerate innovation and drive digital transformation. Yet IT teams have discovered that the security, performance, and control capabilities offered by the public cloud do not fully meet their needs. For example, the public cloud is not always less expensive than private clouds, and many workloads are best hosted on-premises in order to ensure data remains protected and in compliance with regulations.

As a result, savvy IT leaders are turning to a hybrid model as the ideal paradigm for delivering IT. With the flexibility to operate seamlessly across on-premises and off-premises environments, a hybrid environment with a composable infrastructure that is software-defined, flexible, and scalable can enable businesses to quickly capitalize on IT transformation opportunities.

Solving today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow

By transforming to a hybrid infrastructure, IT can solve the most pressing issues of today and prepare for the technologies of tomorrow while also avoiding business disruptions. The hybrid approach combines the right mix of traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud to enable the integration of new technologies where needed, while still maintaining legacy systems where appropriate.

Utilizing the hybrid infrastructure approach helps businesses address several IT challenges:

  • Planning for the unexpected with mission-critical capabilities that reduce risk and ensure application availability and resilience
  • Achieving the on-demand capacity and economic benefits of the public cloud without sacrificing the security and control of on-premises IT
  • Modernizing and consolidate the right mix of hybrid IT to optimize operations and accelerate app development
  • Maximizing speed and agility by delivering IT as a service and using the right mix of hybrid IT
  • Accelerating cloud application development and deployment to rapidly deliver and manage services

IT that works for the business

To succeed in this competitive climate, your business needs effective hybrid IT environments that span from the data center to the network edge, as well as private and public clouds. You need a partner who can help you architect the right mix of all these environments in order to satisfy evolving performance and economic requirements.

That’s where we at HPE can help. HPE is empowering you to capitalize on the latest hybrid IT innovations. HPE Data Center Infrastructure Solutions, featuring a new generation compute experience, are prime examples. These no-compromise solutions focus on delivering more agility, security, control so that IT works for the business, rather than forcing the business to work for IT.

We invite you to watch and explore which hybrid IT is right for you:

Find out how the hybrid approach can help your businesses navigate through digital transformation by downloading the Moor Insights & Strategy white paper.

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Krista Satterthwaite has worked in the server industry for 20 years in product management and marketing roles. She is currently the Vice President of Portfolio Marketing for Hybrid IT.

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