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HPE Ups the Ante with Gen10: the World's Most Secure Industry-Standard Server


Digital transformation produces many opportunities but also opens IT infrastructures to advanced cyberattacks. HPE combats risks by driving security all the way down to the firmware level with the HPE ProLiant Gen10.                                                                                                                                                             
Blog_Up_The Ante_ProLiant.jpgThe Internet of Things, mobility, software-defined infrastructures, and other technologies that enable digital transformation produce many business opportunities. This includes greater IT agility, faster time-to-market for innovative products, and deeper customer relationships. But these complex ways of using IT also expose businesses to more cyber threats.

At the same time, IT infrastructure cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, complex, and expensive. Breaches are now moving beyond applications and operating systems and into the hardware layer. Compromised server firmware is now a favorite attack vector.

This creates a major challenge for IT: How do you deploy new technologies that help your business run more efficiently but also keep digital assets secure?

The world’s most secure industry standard servers

To help your business resolve this challenge, we are upping the ante when it comes to server security. HPE ProLiant Gen10, the world’s most secure industry standard servers, featuring a Silicon Root of Trust. Over a million lines of firmware code run before the operating system starts, making it vital to confirm that all server-essential firmware is free of malware or compromised code. Silicon Root of Trust is based on a crypto algorithm (hash) as part of the iLO 5 (HPE’s BMC) startup code that is permanently burned into the silicon. The silicon validates the iLO 5 firmware code before it is fetched and executed. If malware or compromised code has been inserted in the iLO 5 firmware, the server will identify any infected code that does not match up with the hash burned into the silicon.

Introducing the World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Servers

Leveraging a three-pronged security framework

To further enhance the security of ProLiant Gen10 servers, HPE leverages the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security framework of Protection, Detection, and Recovery:

  • Protection is enabled during boot-up as the iLO controller is the first device initialized. The system cannot continue without that first handshake to iLO, setting the device as the basis for the entire secure initialization. The handshakes continue to extend the protection throughout the boot-up chain, all the way to the operating system and applications. This ensures a continuous protection stream with a clean handoff of known good credentials.
  • Detection is enabled through HPE’s unique daily automatic scanning of the firmware. Upon discovery of compromised firmware code or malware, which is normally invisible to most other systems, the server will launch into recovery mode.
  • Recovery, if needed because of any anomaly, enables the system to automatically recover firmware back to a previous authenticated state. In an unprecedented level of IT security, even that previous state is checked for integrity. Any issue forces a reset back to the original factory firmware, which is held in yet another location.

HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers are also ideal for building hybrid IT environments. As businesses drive for agility in the era of digital transformation, ProLiant Gen10 servers can provide a flexible, scalable, and composable hybrid IT environment that operates across the datacenter, private and public clouds, and the network edge.

Ensuring server security while leveraging hybrid IT

By deploying HPE ProLiant Gen 10 solutions, your business can ensure server firmware security while leveraging a hybrid IT environment. This paves the way to deploy technologies that enable digital transformation and protect the IT infrastructure. In addition to security, a hybrid IT software-defined infrastructure with flexible IT capacity services also provides the ability to improve IT agility and control IT costs. Businesses can roll out new services faster and scale compute resources up and down according to workload demands.

To learn more about hybrid IT and HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, we invite you to read two white papers by Moor Insights & Strategy: Hybrid IT Helps Businesses Navigate Through Digital Transformation and HPE Locks Down Server Security.

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Krista Satterthwaite has worked in the server industry for 20 years in product management and marketing roles. She is currently the Vice President of Portfolio Marketing for Hybrid IT.

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