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HPE and Intel® Introduce a New-Generation Compute Experience


Many businesses discover the cloud lacking in security, compliance, and application performance. HPE and Intel® have teamed up to solve these challenges with hybrid IT driven by HPE Gen10 servers.

Blog_Intel_HPE_Partner.jpgDigital disruption is giving end users new ways to collaborate and communicate, so businesses can generate more sales and accelerate workflows. To capitalize on digital disruption, businesses need greater IT agility.

Some view the cloud as the best way to improve agility while also enhancing scalability and lowering the cost of IT.  Yet many have discovered the cloud to be lacking when it comes to IT security, compliance, and application performance. In many cases, the public cloud has proven to be just as expensive as private clouds.

Those who want to get a jump on competitors are turning to a hybrid IT model, which includes both off-premises and on-premises IT environments. The hybrid approach creates greater agility by streamlining the process to deploy technologies that capitalize on digital transformation opportunities. By creating a software-defined, composable, and scalable infrastructure, the hybrid approach also provides the flexibility and on-demand capacity to operate seamlessly across applications in data center and cloud environments.

Industry giants team up to drive hybrid IT

To build an effective hybrid IT environment, your business needs technology partners who can help architect the right mix of cloud and traditional IT environments in order to meet agility, security, performance, control, and economic requirements. HPE is teaming up with Intel to help enterprises in this endeavor.

HPE Gen10 Servers, powered by the new Intel® Xeon® Processors, adapt performance to applications with the world’s most secure industry-standard servers using HPE Intelligent System Tuning. The Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable family in Gen10 Servers generates the performance to handle the most demanding applications such as big data and database workloads. The Gen10 Servers also play a key role in infrastructure modernization and IT agility by accelerating business insights across a hybrid world of traditional IT, public cloud, and private cloud.

With Intelligent System Tuning (IST), businesses can dynamically configure server resources to match specific workloads and achieve higher levels of performance, efficiency, and control in their server environment. Developed in partnership with Intel®, IST provides a new set of server tuning technologies that dynamically tune servers to match the needs of each workload.

IST is comprised of three innovative capabilities that together, can deliver double-digit performance boosts(1)on Gen10 servers with iLO 5.

  • Jitter Smoothing levels and balances frequency fluctuation, minimizes jitter, and reduces latency problems. Leverage Jitter Smoothing to improve Intel processor frequency by up to 12% over base frequency while delivering deterministic processor performance. (2)
  • Workload Matching automatically matches internal server resources to the specific requirements of each workload to boost performance and save time.(2)
  • Core Boosting (a feature of HPE Gen10 servers that’s coming soon) allows businesses to maximize the performance of all of the cores in their processor and can save $100K annually in core-based licensing costs.(3)

A continuous need for digital transformation

Leveraging hybrid IT is important because the need for digital transformation will be continuous. HPE Gen10 servers powered by Intel® Xeon® technology deliver all the key components to accelerate innovation and keep pace with competitors: agility, scalability, lower cost, performance, security, control, and compliance.

The partnership between HPE and Intel® has already helped many businesses of all sizes achieve these objectives. Find out how hybrid IT can do the same for your business.

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Krista Satterthwaite has worked in the server industry for 20 years in product management and marketing roles. She is currently the Vice President of Portfolio Marketing for Hybrid IT.