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How CIOs can become a change agent for IT transformation

Guest post by Bill Kleyman

Today's modern IT executive is embarking on an IT transformation journey. They're looking at their legacy IT components and understanding where they can make powerful advancements. The reality behind a digital transformation is that it not only empowers the business—it creates real-world competitive advantages. Executives today understand this and are trying to use technology as a direct business enabler.

"Digital transformation is at the center of business strategies as CEOs endeavor to capture the opportunities available in the digital economy," said IDC Research Vice President Bob Parker. More than a technology trend, Parker says, digital transformation is at the core of business strategy across industries. With automation and orchestration as critical tools for enabling transformation, CIOs have the opportunity to become true change agents in their organizations.

The business case for automationAO_Photo_Oct10.jpg

Digital transformation represents an opportunity for companies to redefine their customers' experience and achieve new levels of enterprise productivity. However, for many CIOs, they lack the time and resources to embark on this journey, much less succeed at digital transformation. CIOs must constantly evolve around a very dynamic market and growing user demands. This means their challenge directly revolves around building a business that can keep up—something that can't be overcome with manual processes.

In aligning business and IT, CIOs must understand what sits in the underlying data center and what can actually go through a technology transformation. But how can you gather all this information? What tools are available to CIOs to help them remove manual business processes?

For the modern CIO, there's good news: IT automation and orchestration enable technological transformation and direct business process enablement. Consider these big CIO benefits behind automation and orchestration.

Removing legacy processes

A big weak point within any organization trying to create technology transformation is overcoming legacy business processes. Manual control of business or IT creates silos of operation, which slow down the overall process. With automation and orchestration, you can tie-in both IT and business. For example, you can align specific applications with workload management to control incoming and outgoing users. Automating these processes helps resource control and allows users to be continuously productive.

This coordination between IT and business enables you to respond to the market faster and push resources to where they're most required. This creates less complex business processes which uses IT as a direct tool for innovation.

Using automation as an enabler for transformation

CIOs must be able to react to business demands. To accomplish this, they need information and an agile infrastructure that is capable of quickly responding to change. Instead of constantly putting out fires, today's CIOs are trying to plant more seeds for the business and their IT ecosystem. Automation and orchestration enable IT change agents by inserting intelligent tools and processes directly into the organization's core. Between data center integration and business optimization, CIOs reduce the time they spend trying to figure out reports and can utilize much more proactive systems. All of this helps save time and money, and dramatically simplifies the journey toward technology and digital transformation.

Modern CIOs simply can't be left behind in today's ever-evolving IT landscape. Using new types of automation and orchestration tools has benefits for users, the business, and entire career paths. When CIOs adopt these technologies, they develop optimized business and IT processes making them truly invaluable to the business. Most of all, those CIOs that can impact IT and automate business are the ones who will win in today's dynamic digital ecosystem.

To learn more about how automation and orchestration can help you become a change agent, read about our infrastructure solutions.

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