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Increase efficiency with these DevOps priorities


Author: Ritika Puri, a self-described entrepreneur and people-lover immersed in tech


The need to increase efficiency is on every IT leader's agenda. Technical teams are under unprecedented pressure to transform themselves from cost centers into strategic agents. Big picture results, however, begin with small steps — the most important being the micro-decisions that DevOps teams are making every day.


Developers work hard to tackle the four major IT trends: cloud, mobile, social and big data. They're most successful when empowered to think creatively and strategically. IT leaders can empower their DevOps teams by concentrating on the following three areas:



Scalable, repeatable processes are at the heart of any IT strategy. The challenge, however, is that many teams are bogged down with one-off projects. Rather than thinking about opportunities to grow their businesses, teams are focused on mundane, redundant tasks. Enter automation.


By creating recurring scripts and workflows, IT teams can increase efficiency. WIth more time, on-the-ground team members will create opportunities to position themselves as change agents in pursuing more strategic initiatives.


devops, containerizationProject Management

Complex projects have many moving parts, making it easy for team members to get lost in the details of an initiative. To increase efficiency in IT, teams need to prioritize infrastructure for collaboration through tools, workflows and systems. In addition to maintaining transparency, individuals should be empowered to retrieve the exact information they need, at any project stage.



Thanks to containerization, DevOps teams have the capability to optimize the efficiency of already efficient processes. When using containers, DevOps can ensure that the right resources are aligned to the right processes, eliminating wasted time and talent.


When developers are using containers, they don't need to worry about infrastructure. With full trust that their systems are operating as efficiently as possible, developers can redirect their creative energy toward high-level strategic opportunities.


Final thoughts

Efficiency in IT means empowering teams to free up valuable time, automate redundant tasks, and improve collaboration. People are the heart of every successful process, and innovation in IT means helping your teams to shine.


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About the author

Ritika PuriRitika Puri


Ritika is a corporate intrapreneur turned startup founder and writer. She enjoys helping companies build stronger customer relationships and bring products to market faster through her company, Storyhackers.

About the author

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