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Meeting Unpredictable Business Demands Without Overprovisioning IT


IT faces cost-cutting challenges while meeting business demands. HPE Flexible Capacity provides a consumption model that allows you to easily scale up and down as workload requirements change. 

Blog_Flexible_Capacity.jpgIT teams face a conundrum that on the surface seems impossible to solve: How to cut data center costs and still meet business demands?

Escalating data demands are nearly impossible to predict. Factors such as new product and market opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, can all emerge with little advance warning. Forecasting data center infrastructure provisioning requirements—6, 12 and 24 months out—often turns into a guessing game.  But it can take 3-4 months or more for the average procurement cycle.(1)

To play it safe, some IT teams spend extra capital on overprovisioning compute resources—48 percent for storage and 59 percent for compute, on average.(1) While this approach makes sure the data center always meets the needs of your business, investments in servers can spiral out of control. Servers may also go unused if the anticipated business demand never reaches predicted levels.

A different paradigm for consuming IT

What’s needed is a new and cost-effective way to consume IT. Using a consumption-based IT model that leverages on-premises data centers as a service, the IT team can focus focus on what they need now, which is easier to predict than the long-term. With the ability to scale compute resources up or down quickly, IT not only ensures business needs are met, but also balances IT spending with the demand of each application workload. The data center thus runs cost-efficiently, with no overprovisioning or under-provisioning of compute resources.

According to IDC, on-premises IT as a service is a great fit for improving an organization’s approach to IT consumption. It brings cloud-like agility and simplicity into the data center, and positions IT to better address digital transformation needs. Benefits include the ability to move to a variable cost structure from a capital expenditure model and the utilization of pay-as-you-go model. The approach also gives business users a public cloud experience while still allowing IT to maintain full control over the compute environment.

No more oversizing of IT environments

HPE Flexible Capacity provides businesses with a consumption-based IT model designed to help IT prepare for changes in demand—whether it’s a seasonal spike in website tra­ffic or a new business application that grows quickly.

As with the cloud, the HPE Flexible Capacity model allows you to provision on-demand capacity in a matter of minutes from an onsite buffer of infrastructure—no months-long procurement cycles and no upfront capital costs. HPE owns and supports your choice of on-premises equipment, and your IT team can proactively plan and realize several bottom-line efficiencies:

  • No need to oversize your environment to be sure you meet peak demands.
  • You pay only for the compute resource capacity you use(2), based on metered usage.
  • A variable IT payment model enables you to align cash flow to business needs.
  • We jointly make use of the usage reporting to plan capacity to stay ahead of demand.
  • On-site buffer allows you to quickly scale up capacity when needed to avoid spending on unused capacity.

Research demonstrates just how effective HPE Flexible Capacity is at reducing IT costs. 451 Research reports that this solution enables a reduction in total compute infrastructure capacity costs by up to 38% compared to the industry average.

Better yet, watch this video to see how Sogeti BeLux and HPE are delivering an agile IT environment.

Spend more time innovating

Ultimately, an HPE Flexible Capacity solution can transform the role of your IT organization. As IT becomes a broker of services to the business, the team can spend more time innovating and less time designing, procuring, and maintaining IT the infrastructure. To find out more about the consumption-based IT model, check out this white paper: What Is IT Consumption?

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 (1) Best of Both Worlds: Can Enterprises Achieve Both Scalability and Control When It Comes to Cloud?; 451 Research Advisory

(2) Above a minimum commitment

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