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Peak Performance for Microsoft Exchange Users with HPE Apollo 4200



We’re introducing a powerful platform for every Exchange administrator to consider: HPE Apollo 4200.

I’ve always thought that the Exchange administrator in any organization must wish for a crystal ball to give a window to the future. Knowing when to expect extreme weather or high usage that could impact end-user productivity would be helpful.

While we don’t have a crystal ball to offer, HPE Apollo 4200 is a powerful platform to ensure that your Exchange environments are highly stable, and your end users will maintain peak performance. Just exactly what every Exchange administrator wants.

Power to the people – with the Exchange Apollo platform

HPE’s latest Reference Architecture detailing Microsoft Exchange 2016 running on HPE Apollo 4200 walks you through this highly resilient solution that can provide large mailboxes for users who expect the utmost performance and reliability. The solution is based on a building block approach with four servers in two sites anReference Architecture_Microsoft Exchange_HPE Apollo_blog.jpgd 3,525 users per building block.

The solution was tested and validated at 15.5GB mailboxes – with a messaging profile of 150 emails sent and received per user per day. During the test scenarios with all servers and databases online, CPU utilization averaged 32%, which, for Exchange administrators is an insurance policy to give plenty of room for the peak times and to maintain end user productivity during unplanned events.

In addition to the Exchange testing, the engineering team tested several best practice scenarios, including sever power mode, network subsystem configuration and Exchange Server 2016 deployment. The Reference Architecture contains detailed information to assist you.

As a companion to the Reference Architecture, HPE has an Exchange Sizer Tool. The Sizer is a downloadable application allowing the end-user to customize input and receive an exact specification for servers and storage for Exchange. The reference architecture can be customized using the HPE Sizer for Exchange Server 2016. The HPE Sizer for Exchange 2016 takes into account many factors such as email client usage profiles and mailbox size, including personal archives. The Sizer generates bills of material for various Exchange configurations, allowing end users to customize a solution design for their Exchange deployment.

Right for your business?

HPE has many enterprise customers in financial services and manufacturing that take advantage of the Exchange Apollo platform. We work with these customers to help them with the uncertainty of Exchange migration – and what it means for their infrastructure, including reducing infrastructure footprint, lower storage costs and power consumption.

Is this something that you would like do as well? Your HPE account team or HPE channel partner can help you in all aspects or Exchange Server to achieve the best performance for the souls of your infrastructure.

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Product Manager for the Collaboration Workloads of Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business across all HPE Platforms.