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Pushing 21st Century Digital Technology Leadership to Business Success


Author: Adrian Velez, HP Enterprise Group – Content Strategist


When even the President of the United States says everyone should learn how to code, it's time to rethink the role of IT in business. Forward-thinking businesses realize that they need to embrace a New Style of IT. In this new framework, executives realize that IT is not a necessary-but-expensive line item in the budget, but a profit center and a catalyst that launches the organization toward growth and new markets.


In a recent study profiling infrastructure leaders1, HP found that leading firms understand IT change equals success. Specifically, 22% of Leaders state the IT function needs to be "completely different" in 5 years compared to 8% of Laggards. Leaders' adoption of digital technology enables them to be more effective with the pace of change and more agile to compete. Would it surprise you to know that 85% of IT thought leaders agree with this compared to 69% of the mainstream and 48% of laggards?1 I think so.


It's also telling that over 40% of Laggards are “content” with IT operations despite 21% also stating current systems hinder differentiation both in IT itself and in the line of business (LOB). 1 If you're content with stagnation, your business has a real problem.


Leading firms, however, with an overwhelming 96% rate of agreement, get the fact that their IT functions provide the business with exceptional technology, tools and reliability. 1 This, in turn, they believe gives the ability to respond quickly to customer needs. Behind them mainstream businesses only have 83% confidence in this, while those stuck in the 90s with their IT have barely half, 54%, certainly that their IT is up to snuff. 1


This attitude towards IT continues down the line. For example, 90% of leading firms agree that they "know we are embracing technology in a way that will make us relevant to our customers." In the mainline, only 81% agree with that and 79% the laggards agree with this idea.1


Another interesting point is that the tech leaders realize that in-house IT can offer a more advanced capability to LOB than outsourcing. 96% of leaders realize this and even 87% of the mainstream understand this? The guys in the back? They only agree with this idea 71% of the time.1


The most telling point of all that marks the difference between those that get the new style of IT and those who are stuck in the past? In leading firms there is clear collaboration between the IT and business. A whopping 100% of leading firms, compared to only 57% of Laggards, say they have an “IT firm that collaborates closely with the business.” 1


Moving into the future, it's not simply enough to adopt new technologies such as the cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things. Smart businesses realize that it's by embracing the new, empowering IT, and integrating it with the LOB they can achieve growth in a market where technology agility is all.


If you don't do this, well consider, for just one example, how Uber disrupted the personal transportation business, out of nowhere. You don't want your business to play the role of the proverbial cab company in your industry when your existing rivals or an upstart comes at all with the powerful mix of advanced tech and a business plan that aligns IT and LOB.  


Don’t fall into the complacency trap.  Seek out new ways to use new technology to solve your business problems. Digital leaders are most likely to declare that differentiating their IT infrastructure is synonymous with making their company more competitive. The HP 2015 Report: Profiling infrastructure leaders provides insights on what sets these digital leaders apart from their lagging peers. If you want to differentiate your business through the use of IT – read the report to see how HP can help you improve your customer’s experience and in the process exceed your own expectations. 


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[1]HP Research, 2015 Report: Profiling Infrastructure Leaders, February 2015


Profiling infrastructure leaders

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