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Reimagining the New Style of Business in the Middle East


By: Eric Pradier


Last week I attended Reimagine IT 2015 in Dubai – the first of a series of events that give delegates the opportunity to look ahead into the future of IT and how it underpins the New Style of Business. Representatives of leading companies in the region met with HP visionaries and technologists to answer the question we often ask ourselves – what’s next for IT and why is it so important for the future of our businesses?


Change is the only constant

As anyone working in IT will know, keeping up with the pace of change is a constant challenge. We work in an industry that is always evolving and where today’s innovations quickly become yesterday’s news. This is driven by customers and employees who are looking for products and services that are delivered in easy to access, easy to consume ways. Cumbersome and clunky business models will quickly be relegated to the past as leaders and disruptors break new ground in terms of what they offer and how they offer it. Our audience in Dubai clearly understood these challenges as in a live poll 100% of respondents said that they expect both their business model and their IT infrastructure to be either different or dramatically different by 2020. That’s only five years away, which means that planning and preparing for those changes needs to happen now!


Customer insight takes centre stage
Another key theme of the event was the need to have greater understanding and insight into customer needs and priorities. This is as true for HP as any other organisation, and we know that if we cannot satisfy these requirements there will be a challenger who can. We looked at several examples of companies who have transformed their respective industries by completely reinventing the customer experience – driving down costs, increasing flexibility and packaging their products and services in a more convenient way. A massive 84% of those who responded to our survey stated that they intend to use Big Data analysis to gain insight into customer needs by 2020, and there was plenty of lively discussion around the challenges – but most importantly the opportunities – that Big Data presents.


Will you lead or be left behind?
It goes without saying that HP wants to help all of its customers become leaders in their respective markets. We are providing the technology innovations today and a roadmap for the future that can help to deliver this. Our guidance to organisations is simple – they must embrace technology in a way that makes them relevant to their customers now and in the future. The intelligent analysis of the huge volumes of data that most companies have is an excellent way to achieve this, but they also have to be able to do it in real-time. Businesses must also work closely with the individual lines of business to establish common goals and ensure that demand is fulfilled – we must be able to offer more advanced IT capabilities than the business can find externally if we are to stay relevant. More than ever before, IT needs to be a value creator rather than a cost centre.


The time is now
Despite the many discussions we had about the road to 2020, my key assertion to attendees was that the transformation to the New Style of Business must start now. If it hasn’t already begun, you are already at risk of being left behind. Not everyone can be a first-mover, but there is an opportunity for all to challenge the status quo and Reimagine the future of IT. The question is simply whether you are ready to seize it.


To join the next Reimagine IT 2015 event in Dusseldorf, Germany, please click here.


If you would like to find out more, please download our HP Insights Infrastructure report for exclusive insights into the behaviours of those who are pioneering the New Style of Business.


You can find me on Twitter @EricPradier if you wish to comment.



About the author

Eric Pradier VP HP Technology ConsultingEric Pradier

Vice President and General Manager EMEA, HP Technology Consulting

Hewlett-Packard Company


Eric Pradier is the regional leader for HP Technology Consulting in HP’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region since January 2012.


In his role, Pradier is responsible for leading all EMEA region go-to-market and project delivery activities for HP Technology Consulting. Pradier and his team advise clients and deliver IT transformation projects that take full advantage of HP’s innovative services and solutions especially in the Enterprise field.

About the author

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