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Rethink your data center strategy with hybrid HPC



Organizations are adopting high-performance computing to process massive data sets. A hybrid HPC environment lets them meet those demands with the agility, performance, and security you need.

Hybrid HPC_HPE_blog.jpgThe growing enterprise need to crunch massive data sets—from R&D and business operations to customer interactions and strategic objectives—has created an increasing demand for high-performance computing (HPC). In fact, Market Research Future in 2018 reported that it expects the HPC market to dramatically expand, rising from $31 billion in 2017 to $50 billion in 2023. That's a tremendous shift in the need for high-performance computing technologies.

If you're like most IT leaders, you've had to grow on-premises HPC environments to meet that burgeoning demand. And you've likely found that the challenges of managing your own HPC environment have intensified as well. Constraints on data center space, power availability, and enterprise resources continue to limit how well you can meet escalating demand for the HPC needed for big data, analytics, and AI applications.

You may have considered off-premises solutions as a way to both meet the rising expectations for HPC and contend with those challenges and constraints. However, you also lose the ability to tap into existing resources if you go this route.

Luckily, with hybrid HPC you can leverage the benefits of both. Hybrid HPC is a new technology that combines traditional IT with HPC cloud technologies, allowing you to handle any workload, scale resources on demand, and meet agility, flexibility, and performance needs. These features provide the foundation of HPE's HPC Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, which enhances those benefits while also giving you control, governance, and strengthened security.

Infrastructure that delivers value on many fronts

Whether you run a small firm and need HPC for on-premises apps, or work for a global company with multiple data centers, your IT staff probably has the same technology needs: high-performance bare metal clusters, on-demand provisioning, and an environment that can be tailored to unique workloads while still supporting a variety of applications.

You probably also feel the need to rethink data center strategies as some HPC operations shift off premises. You're likely feeling the need to be faster and more agile as new types of workloads emerge. And you're facing pressure to contain costs. At the same time you're tasked with all these goals, you're still expected to oversee the day-to-day management of a complex IT environment at a time when finding enough experts with the right skills and experience to do the job is becoming harder.

Regardless of whether you opt to stay on premises, go off premises, or choose a hybrid environment, HPE can help on all these fronts with its Hybrid HPC IaaS solution and reference architecture, purpose-built to deliver a cloud experience to IT administrators and end users alike.

It's important to know, too, that the HPE HPC Infrastructure-as-a-Serivice (IaaS) platform leverages a variety of innovative foundational technologies from Intel. What does that mean for you? A better product; the Intel HPC platforms offered by HPE provide balanced system performance, lower latency, greater capacity, and improved efficiency.

All in all, that means the HPC IaaS Solution enables you to benefit from high-value infrastructure and application services for even the most demanding HPC requirements.

Moreover, as you move to this hybrid environment, HPE will work with you on your HPC strategy and tactical requirements, addressing critical areas such as data security and data transfer to smooth your transition to the IaaS solution.

An affordable, more effective way to deliver HPC

To better understand why HPE's hybrid HPC IaaS solution offers a new path forward—and to understand how your company can leverage it for innovation—it's important to understand its architecture in some detail.

The HPC IaaS solution is a multitenant composable infrastructure that helps you deliver HPC infrastructure services more effectively. The solution enables your IT staff to deploy ready-to-use, dedicated bare-metal clusters using a variety of methodologies, allowing them to choose between a flexible REST API, a command-line interface (CLI), or a cloud management platform.

The HPC IaaS solution offers the ability to auto-provision state-of-the-art infrastructure for modern HPC workloads on demand, and it provides performance and security comparable to best-in-class on-premises clusters. With such capabilities, the solution puts you firmly in control of the environment.

And because this solution is delivered as an IaaS offering, it does not require hefty upfront investments. You can scale up and down based on business needs, paying only for infrastructure services you consume. That gives you flexibility while also enabling you to meet organizational cost-containment objectives.

Revolutionize your HPC initiatives with hybrid HPC

Consider an HPC IaaS solution as a flexible, end-to-end solution that can help you deliver HPC infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments in a cost-effective manner. By leveraging HPE's customizable IaaS framework, you can reduce risk, development costs, and delivery time while still guaranteeing agility, performance, and security.

Furthermore, its composable nature delivers a more flexible, variable-cost model that can help you meet enterprise financial objectives.

In addition, you get ease of management, with simple, automated provisioning and management APIs that make bare-metal clusters as easy to deploy as virtual environments; dedicated hardware and fast local storage; and the high level of security you need in your IT environment.

In short, the HPC IaaS solution enables you to deliver a self-service HPC environment capable of supporting the big data, analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and AI applications that are becoming both more common and more critical in an enterprise. At the same time, this solution helps solve the biggest challenges you face as you scale your HPC capacity to meet growing demand.

Learn more about HPE's hybrid HPC solution

The HPE technical white paper, A platform for delivering superior HPC cloud services, provides a more extensive look at this topic. For additional information, please contact us at

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