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Striking the Perfect Balance Between Cloud and On-Premises Environments


HPE Gen10 ProLiant solutions deliver the agility to drive application performance today and capitalize on tomorrow’s technologies for both cloud and on-premises environments.

Blog_Balance_Cloud.jpgOne of the biggest challenges IT teams face in meeting business needs is how to prepare for tomorrow while keeping the lights on today. Businesses are now demanding digital transformation to build larger revenue streams and to create new product and service models for the future. At the same time, IT teams must make sure that all current applications—perhaps a thousand or more for large enterprises—continue to perform as they should.

With the public cloud not quite meeting the need to help IT establish and maintain this balance, many enterprises have turned to a hybrid strategy—encompassing public and private clouds as well as on-premises enterprise data centers. Leveraging this hybrid model, IT can assign each business application workload to the appropriate environment that delivers the required amount of agility, security, and economic control. This not only prepares the business for the future but also protects today’s investments.

A consistent experience across hybrid IT environments

HPE helps you find the right hybrid IT mix based on desired business outcomes, without having to make any compromises or trade-offs when it comes to security, economic control, and performance. The new HPE compute experience focuses on delivering more agility so IT works for the business rather than forcing the business to work for IT.

Knowing that infrastructures for supporting applications are not “one size fits all,” we offer a blueprint for a consistent experience across hybrid IT environments with HPE Gen10 ProLiant Servers. IT teams can create a new experience in application agility with scalable workloads that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.  In addition to enabling interoperability across cloud and on-premises infrastructures, this approach helps build a consistent environment for software development.

Double-digit boosts in application performance

A key component of the HPE Gen10 hybrid IT model is Intelligent System Tuning (IST), which fully optimizes CPU performance. IST leverages exclusive technology developed through a close partnership with Intel® that includes three innovative capabilities, which together deliver double-digit boosts in application performance:

  • Jitter Smoothing levels and balances processor frequency fluctuation while also minimizing jitter and reducing latency.
  • Workload Matching automatically matches internal server resources to specific workload requirements based on preconfigured profiles to deliver up to a 9% performance improvement over default settings.
  • Core Boosting (coming soon) achieves higher performance across fewer processors, which is ideal for virtualized environments as well as big data and database workloads.

The speed of memory and the persistence of all-flash storage

Another key feature offered by HPE Gen10 solutions is scalable persistent memory, which runs at memory speed while delivering terabyte-scale capacity. The technology unlocks new levels of application acceleration by reserving a portion of the dynamic random access memory (DRAM) for persistent memory.

DRAM is the fastest performing technology on the memory bus. It’s also volatile, meaning data is retained only when the DRAM has a power source. When the power source is turned off, HPE servers automatically move the data into persistent all-flash storage, the same media used by solid-state devices.

With higher-capacity persistent memory running at DRAM speeds, your IT team can enhance the performance of many important workloads—whether they are new applications running in the cloud or legacy applications running on-premises. This feature offers several key benefits:

  • Removes in-memory database storage bottlenecks.
  • Achieves 27x faster checkpoint operations and further improves application performance by saving data checkpoints to persistent memory rather than persistent stores.
  • Completes restores 20x faster compared to restoring from flash media alone.
  • Runs faster analytics through hybrid transaction and analytical processing along with enhanced caching tiers that tap into software-defined storage.

Setting the stage for digital transformation

Now that businesses have entered the era of digital transformation, the IT agility delivered by HPE Gen10 ProLiant servers is more important than ever. Businesses need to be more agile to capture opportunities, and savvy leaders realize that hybrid IT—representing the best of public and private clouds and on-premises data centers—enables a software-defined infrastructure that’s flexible, scalable, and composable.

To help your business build a hybrid IT environment and architect the right mix of cloud and traditional IT, check out this Moor Insights whitepaper: Hybrid IT Helps Businesses Navigate Through Digital Transformation.

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Krista Satterthwaite has worked in the server industry for 20 years in product management and marketing roles. She is currently the Vice President of Portfolio Marketing for Hybrid IT.

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