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The Future Belongs to the Fast – HPE ProLiant Gen9 to Gen10 Server Transition Program


Welcome to Infrastructure Insights guest blogger Michael Swan, Director, Business Development, HPE Financial Services

Gen 10_HPEFS_blog.jpgWhen I was in grade school, I took great pride in being the fastest—whether that meant the first to finish a race, jump on the lunch line or complete a test. Now that I’m an adult, I realize how important being fast really is.

The most successful companies are those who act fast—fast to innovate and even faster to convert that ingenuity into value. If that sounds like you, then you need a technology platform like HPE ProLiant servers, which delivers performance, reliability, serviceability and near continuous availability. And, if you have your sights set on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, we can help you get there affordably when it becomes available—without slowing you down in the meantime or letting legacy equipment stand in your way.

Got business concerns? We’ve got you covered.

I’ve been in this business a long time and know that acquiring technology isn’t always straight-forward. You may have business parameters that complicate things. HPE Financial Services specializes in customizing solutions to meet your business concerns.

Sometimes we have customers whose existing technology isn’t meeting their needs, but it still serves a purpose. For those customers, we’ve shifted those assets into a flexible usage payment model. By monetizing the hidden value in their legacy equipment, they realized additional capital they can use to invest in other parts of the business or earmark toward newer solutions.

Other customers need a specific acquisition solution to help them plan for the way they’ll deploy their technology. Perhaps they want the equipment before they actually need it, but don’t want to pay for it until it’s in use and driving revenue. Or, sometimes customers’ businesses involve a fair amount of uncertainty and they need the flexibility to adjust payments accordingly.

HPE Financial Services can structure an agreement that plots payments against your deployment requirements. As a customer, once you enter an acquisition agreement, you have a built-in refresh model to ensure access to the latest evolution of technology when your business demands it.

Refresh your data center now. Upgrade to Gen10 later.

HPE Financial Services is providing a limited time offer to help you modernize your data center now with Gen9 servers and be sure of a smooth transition to Gen10 when you’re ready.

  • Acquire HPE ProLiant Gen 9 servers today for a fixed monthly payment for 36 months.
  • You have an option to transition to HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers after month 12.
  • Once the Gen9 servers are returned to HPE Financial Services, you will continue the same monthly payment for the Gen10 servers for an agreed-upon new term.

The financial services you’ve been looking for

HPE Financial Services can help you:

  • Acquire the technology you need today with a clear path to the most current generation when it’s available
  • Transition smoothly to the latest technology
  • Uncover hidden value in your legacy assets
  • Mitigate obsolescence risk
  • Maintain predictable payments throughout the transition

Be fast. Get started today.

Contact your HPE Financial Services rep to learn more or enrol in one of our IT investment strategies workshop. You know where your business is going. Don’t wait to get there. Channel your inner grade school self and get there fast!

So don’t wait. Find out more about HPE Financial Services.

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Eric Mullins is an HPE Digital Marketing Manager covering infrastructure news, insights and analysis from multiple segments. Come along for the ride to find out more about the future of data center technology