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The push to modern IT: What CIOs should ask themselves each morning


By: Ritika Puri


The transition to modern IT won't happen overnight. IT innovators are often trapped between two worlds—the old style of business that positions DevOps and analytics teams as support functions and the new style of business that empowers technologists to become strategic change agents. The evolution will be slow and steady, taking shape over a series of small steps. To ensure progress and continued growth, CIOs should ask themselves the following questions each morning:


Transition to modern IT1. Is the fleet aligned?

The new style of IT is a new concept for most teams. Non-technical groups are especially in need of guidance to understand the role of infrastructure and data. In addition to setting the strategy, CIOs must take the time to educate the entire organization and ensure that each employee understands the role of technology in day-to-day operations. This level of communication will help ensure that IT priorities always remain top of mind.


2. Are we scared of the unknown?

IT is a field with many moving parts, which means that something could go wrong at any time. At any given time, server downtime, unexpected surges in demand, and security breaches are very real threats to the customer experience. CIOs must ensure that plans for response and damage mitigation are always in place. When it comes to the unknown, confidence trumps perfection.


3. What's frustrating the customer?

With customers demanding faster and higher quality services, organizations are finding themselves under immense pressure to meet new demands for scalable, flexible infrastructure. As a result, technical to-do lists are seemingly infinite with more projects to take on than people available to see initiatives through.

As IT initiatives continue to evolve, it's important to maintain a customer-centric view. By focusing on existing bottlenecks, CIOs will position every decision as a clear value-add.


Final thoughts

The push to modern IT will require time, experimentation, and cross-functional collaboration to succeed. IT leaders need to actively focus on three areas: organizational alignment, vulnerabilities, and customer needs. The future sits at the intersection of these three areas.


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Ritika PuriRitika Puri


Ritika is a corporate intrapreneur turned startup founder and writer. She enjoys helping companies build stronger customer relationships and bring products to market faster through her company, Storyhackers.

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