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Why It’s Time to Demand a New Compute Experience



It’s time to stop waiting. Demand your new compute experience—powered by the world’s most secure industry-standard servers. Get what your business needs when it comes to: Agility. Security. Economic control.

new_compute_experience_blog.jpgDigital transformation. There’s a lot of talk on this topic these days—and for good reason. In part because digital transformation represents such a huge opportunity for your business.

That’s why we’ve been out talking to many of you—and hearing how you’re looking to create new value through digital transformation. Your expectations are not limited to any particular industry, and it applies to companies of all sizes.

It needs to happen now: Applying new technologies to your business in fundamental ways

Our conversations with you center on how we can help you translate data into insight—in a way that can reshape your business and make you a more effective competitor in your marketplace. You’re also focused on how you can deliver new (and significantly more efficient) business models based on digital transformation.

Consider some specific industry use cases. In the package delivery business, companies are using prescriptive modeling to determine how to optimize every delivery route. In the ridesharing business, companies are moving ahead with the self-driving car model, leveraging AI, machine learning and mapping. And in the financial services industry, banks are looking to shrink branch size, while moving beyond handling basic transactions like on-site check cashing and employing new technology to sell mortgages, credit cards and auto loans.

What does digital transformation mean for your IT department?

Without question, the business push for digital transformation places immense pressures on IT departments. That’s why CIOs are increasingly focusing on bringing the entire organization into the digital future, all while preventing even the smallest hiccup in operations. It's certainly a tall order.

Having the right IT is critical to your digital transformation journey. We’re not talking about just on-premises or off-premises IT but hybrid IT.

The challenges come in defining the right mix of dedicated IT, along with on-premises IT and hosted clouds, to drive the right business outcomes for digital transformation.

It’s a well-acknowledged point the hybrid IT experience often comes with compromise. This triggers asking the big question: What trade-offs are you willing to make?

The pro/con list varies whether the data center is yours or not. For your data center, hybrid IT can help you maintain critical data control, optimized complex applications, and maintain strategic business control and security. On the con side, you might have to grapple with overprovisioning for unpredictable demand, complex procurement and provisioning, and significant capital outlay.

If your business is relying on someone else’s data center, yes, you pay only for what you need with on-demand provisioning and agile application development. But you also may find yourself dealing with unacceptable latency—and a “one size fits all” lock in that can trigger loss of economic control.

We could continue to debate these pros and cons around hybrid IT, but, more important, are the three pivotal requirements that consistently bubble up in this discussion: Agility. Security. Economic control.

Here lies the heart of what’s driving the demand for a new compute experience.

Welcome a new compute experience—powered by the world’s most secure industry-standard servers

We at HPE are changing that whole dynamic around the compute experience, so you won’t have to compromise when it comes to IT. It’s a bold statement. And with it we’re changing the meaning of the word “compute.” We are no longer limiting ourselves to just the servers—but the whole infrastructure with networking, storage and the software that controls it.

This new generation of compute experience combines the best of both worlds: the advantages on-premises data centers with disadvantages of off-premises data centers.

With the success of our HPE Gen9 servers, we asked you: What can we do to make the next generation even better? You told us: 

  • You want to make hybrid IT simple.
  • You need a more secure server infrastructure.
  • Your business model was shifting away from CAPEX and you need more flexibility in the way you consume IT.

We listened! That’s why for the last two years, we’ve focused our innovation machine on delivering a new Gen10 compute experience across the areas that matter most to you—

Agility for a better way to deliver business results

With Gen10, we minimized manual operations. We automated maintenance updates with HPE iLO 5. We also accelerated data-centric applications. We took our persistent memory invention to the terabyte scale, and we optimized performance to workloads. We also invented intelligent system tuning to make the most of variability in CPU clock speed. It’s now seamless. It all adds up to true infrastructure in action.

Let’s focus on persistent memory as an agility proof point. What we’re doing is building on in-memory compute with HPE Scalable Persistent Memory. This means you can now do much larger in-memory compute with persistence, at TB level instead of low 100s of GBs with NVDIMMs. Data is written to actual server memory marked as Persistent Memory via BIOS/CPLD means.  We use a backup power source (800w Power Supply Unit (PSU)/400w Battery Backup Unit (BBU) to hold up power during a power loss event and move from DRAM to NVMe SSDs for the persistence part.

The benefits add up quickly: Accelerate applications for fast caching and storage. Reduce transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads. Deploy bigger, more affordable datasets to gain new insights from large memory pools.

Security for a better way to protect your business and data

In a recent article on, industry analyst Patrick Moorhead discusses how to better protect your business. He notes that security is a constantly moving target and the players, techniques and remedies change over and over. Compute clients and networks were the soft spot five years ago but now it's the server. Hackers go after the soft spots.

That’s why we created the world’s most secure industry-standard servers. The claim is 100% true. is built in. You may ask: How’s that?

At HPE, we own our own silicon. Most vendors don’t. In each each Gen10 server, we created a unique silicon fingerprint. Your server will not boot unless the firmware matches the print. It’s just locked. We’re the only vendor who can do this.

We also embedded proactive detection and recovery. Our server is your active spy. It performs daily scans of millions of lines of code to detect any malware, and can recover automatically from threats.

Then we applied machine learning to malicious behaviors, using technology from our NIARA acquisition. The system trains itself to relentlessly learn. Again and again. We analyze patterns identify suspicious activity. Think of it this way: You don’t have to be paranoid anymore. We do that for you.

Finally, we even planned for your server being decommissioned. Then that time comes, we make sure that the data can no longer be reconstructed or retrieved. We protect it forever.

Economic control for a better way to consume and protect only what you use

Gen10 offers improved economic control. By that, we mean nothing happens to your balance sheet or to your P&L that you couldn’t predict. You only pay for what you use. You are the boss. You are in control.

We built in the flexibility to adjust if your business needs changes. With no penalty on your usage. Up or down. (Yes, even if you go down, we follow you.) We’ve put you in charge. We greatly enhanced our already very successful flexible capacity offering with HPE’s Capacity Care Service. We manage it for you. So it’s not only a financial benefit, it’s a true full service.

What about the transition from Gen9 to Gen10? It’s easy. You seamlessly upgrade to Gen10 with no increase in payments with help from HPE Finance Services.

Join us on the digital transformation journey

In the coming weeks, we'll be talking in more detail about the new compute experience powered by HPE Gen10 serves—and allowing you to tap in to the benefits of agility, security and economic control like never before.

It’s time to stop waiting. Demand your new compute experience—and HPE will get you where you want to go.

Alain Andreoli
SVP & GM Hybrid IT Group
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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About the Author


As Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Data Center Infrastructure Group, Alain is responsible for leading the largest business unit at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The Data Center Infrastructure Group encompasses Servers, Storage, and Networking products as well as converged solutions for HPE’s strategic customer segments. Alain joined HP in 2013 after his tenure as President and CEO of Grass Valley, the leading multimedia solutions provider (acquired by Belden).