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150,000 workstations on 5 continents - the story of a Tech Consultant


My role, as Client Automation Consultant, includes consultancy to our customers and sales representatives during pre-sales, to develop and propose technical solutions that meet customer requirements, to design and engineer those solutions, once sold. I’m also engaged in the creation and evaluation of our standard offering, assessing the technological and cost aspects. I’m providing technical consultation to our lead architects and Project Managers, anticipating and assessing potential risks, providing solutions to issues. After designing and piloting the solution, my role is to document it, prepare migration and implementation plans, prepare documentation for the support teams to run and maintain a healthy environment.

Global Engineering & Technical Consulting in Bulgaria took a photo in the Business ParkGlobal Engineering & Technical Consulting in Bulgaria took a photo in the Business Park

The impact of my work is tremendous!
One of the things that I’ve been impressed with, when I joined HPE, is the scale we are working on. For you to better understand what I mean, I started my career in a company where my job was to support an environment with 3 servers and 150 workstations. Currently I’m engineering solutions which will support over 150,000 workstations, across multiple countries, on 5 different continents. The most valuable thing for me is the experience gained while working on such a scale, one that is helpful in every aspect of my life. On the one hand, I have acquired purely technical knowledge, but on the other hand I learned a lot about the business objectives, driving the change for our customers, the complex set of procedures and requirements associated to large projects in HPE. This has also given me the opportunity to work and implement the latest technologies on the market, sometimes even before they get released officially by the vendors. Among those, I can mention the latest versions of Microsoft System Center, Intune and Azure, Airwatch, Adaptiva and , 1E, and the ability to work in hybrid infrastructure with managed, Virtual or Public Cloud solutions.
So how did I get here?
In my first job I was doing first level support, and, basically, I had to restore forgotten passwords for clients. Then I moved to a role in a News Agency as a System Administrator, dealing with server support for Windows infrastructure and supporting the reporters’ workstations. My tasks there were repetitive, there was no opportunity to learn new things, so I looked for a new job and joined Hewlett Packard Enterprise as support specialist for Microsoft Office 365. My job was to support customers with regards to the applications that were included in the cloud services offered by Microsoft in English and Russian. This allowed me to get a better understanding of the products that I supported, and I had the opportunity to train and officially certify.
Then I moved to the Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing organization as an Implementation Engineer and have joined the workplace team which was providing software management, client virtualization, messaging and mobility solutions for our customers. In this role I had the opportunity to design and build the same environments that I had previously supported. This was an amazing opportunity for me to learn new things and grow as a professional. Now that I am one of them, I always encourage Senior professionals with technical experience to join our team and work on challenging projects. Even after a couple of years here, the work done never ceases to amaze me.


What trainings and experience were needed?
In my childhood I was highly interested in computer games, and particularly in what is the way to create a game, what the processes are, and what knowledge is behind the amazing result. My years in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, as part of the Sofia University, were enough to awaken my professional interest in the IT field. However, most of the knowledge I have, I acquired during my time in HPE. Actually, with the relevant work experience, my personal motivation for further learning and development has even increased.

Kamen on a team building with his colleaguesKamen on a team building with his colleaguesChallenges and opportunities

The specifics of my job require that I’m able to understand the needs of each customer and customize each solution to meet the business objectives. It is extremely important for our company that the client is satisfied with our services and we strive for excellence every day. My consulting role suggests that I am seriously prepared in terms of technical knowledge but also in terms of direct communication with customers. The nature of the work requires meeting with the companies producing the products we offer, so that we keep up to date with the market trends.
It is always an awesome feeling to get feedback from a client who is happy or to get recognized by your colleagues for a project finalized. However, what I consider the most rewarding feeling is the personal satisfaction for me: to actually see that what I have designed is successfully implemented and working as desired. This is my creation and I am immensely proud of the opportunity to help my clients succeed.

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12973316_1561859144107143_9018815715693199212_o.jpgKamen Mastikov is currently employed as Client Automation Consultant in HPE. He is working on large international projects and with the latest technologies available. His passion is building technology infrastructure from end to end, creating a whole new experience for his clients.









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