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2019 HPE Taipei University Recruiting starts!

Do you want to work in a big global IT company in Taiwan? If yes, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) would be one of the best choices for you.

To attract more new graduates to apply for HPE, we held two career info sessions at the top two universities in Taiwan, National Taiwan University (NTU) and  National Chengchi University (NCCU).



First question: Why HPE?

HPE is a large global company. In Taiwan, it means more competitive compensation and benefits.

But…… it’s not the only reason. In HPE, you will see how advanced IT is:  IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Storage, Networking…… we are on the cutting edge of technology. HPE provides continuous learning opportunities, and encourages employees’ nonstop learning, which implants innovation DNA into everyone. For new graduates without much work experience, HPE is a great place for learning.

Work-life balance? 

At HPE, work-life balance is able to be achieved.  What matters are the results the employee delivers, not the time they invest. 

Alumni sharing_RD.JPGManagement cares about efficiency, not where or how many hours you work. As a result, work from home is allowed if necessary.

Flexibility help employees to achieve work-life balance, so no need to sacrifice any part of your life (family or career).








Manager and “I”

At HPE, the relationship between manager and “I” is not unilateral. HPE managers are open-minded and willing to communicate with their employees.

If an employee wants to transfer to another team, managers will  encourage s/he to try, as long as employees can be retained in HPE.

Diverse culture

With worldwide offices, you must have opportunities to work with colleagues from different countries. There are several ERGs (employee resource groups) and clubs you can join. 

Alumni sharing_Supply Chain.jpgOur ERGs provide another way to grow your career, make lifelong friends and impact a difference in your community as well as allow you to meet employees who work in different divisions and positions..










In FY19, HPE Taipei will provide over 30 openings to new graduates, including intern and regular positions. Most positions are open for applicants without STEM+C degree.  This is a golden opportunity for everyone who wants to enter IT industry. All openings and job descriptions are posted on the HPE Career Center:  

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About the writer:

Angela Wu, HPE Information Developer on the Knowledge Management team.Angela Wu, HPE Information Developer on the Knowledge Management team.

Angela Wu is an Information Developer on the CHS Knowledge Management team located in Taipei.  She has been obsessed with claw machine games since a new claw machine store opened one block away from her flat.  Angela loves giving the stuffed animals she wins to her daughter, Fifi.

Prior to joining HPE, Angela worked as a Scheduler for Kawasaki Heavy Industry and Siemens Rail Automation for Taiwan Underground construction projects.  





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