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2020 Virtual Intern Project Fair & Competition Coming Soon!

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With over 400 US interns working virtually this summer, it has been nothing like your typical internship. As the interns are approaching the end of their time with us, the Intern Program Team will continue to host our annual Signature Intern events. These interns will participate in a Project Fair and have the opportunity to compete in Best In Class Competitions. Employees are invited to attend the 2020 Intern Project Fairs hosted on 3 dates in August. Continue reading to find out more details!

Earlier this year, with the hit of the pandemic, many companies had a hard decision to make regarding their US internship program. While some cut their programs altogether and other downsized, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) had other plans in mind. I felt proud to be employed part of an organization that didn’t want to go back on commitments made to these aspiring professionals. The pandemic brought its own challenges, and the US Intern Program Coordinators can tell you a few, but this group of employees spent the time to develop a lasting experience, even if it all has to be virtual.

While we all wished to have the in-office experience, we have had some fun with interns hosting learning and professional development series, fireside chats with executives, and some social time with trivia games, happy hours, and the like. We are now weeks away from many of our interns heading back to their academic priorities. Before they go back to textbooks, tests, essays, and more, we must learn what they have been spending their time on all summer!

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What better way than to continue an annual tradition HPE’s intern program signature events have been, and will continue to be, the Project Fair and Best In Class Competition. Over 400 interns will share their project deliverables, outcomes, and impact with HPE employees across the US, including managers, mentors, colleagues, and executives. While this event has been the annual favorite on-site event across many locations over the past year, this is our first year going virtual.

While all the interns and employees can participate in the Project Fair, the interns have the opportunity to self-nominate for a competition. This is where an intern can shine! Interns who participate have the additional opportunity to present their project to a panel of judges. The two projects with the highest scores will be awarded some very appealing prizes! These competitions will happen on various dates throughout August.

The Intern Project Fairs are happening on August 5th, 6th, and 11th from 11 AM – 1 PM Pacific Time. HPE Employees can hear from interns in any organization and plan their agendas on the Intern Project Fair Portal. 

And a special thanks to the UD Intern Program Coordinators, who truly live the HPE Culture! 

For more information about our Internships visit #ArubaCareers or #HPECareers and apply today!

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Sylvia Ruiz, University HR Program Manager at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise companySylvia Ruiz, University HR Program Manager at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise companySylvia Ruiz joined Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, as an HR Program Manager focused on the new college graduates and interns joining our company. Her career manifested within the recruiting organization. She first came to HP in 2011 where she held various roles before finding her passion for the university space and employee engagement. During the split of HP in 2015, Sylvia transitioned to HP Inc., expanded her responsibilities to Lead the Americas Internship program. Her contributions landed HP at #3 on Forbes’ top 10 large companies millennials want to work for, above Google and Apple! Sylvia left in 2017 to complete her Master's degree in HR Development from Indiana State University, which she obtained later that year. Sylvia also holds a bachelor of arts in Mass Communications from California State University.

Sylvia is happily married and spends much of her free time traveling, enjoying sports, hiking, and cooking. Her latest hobby is refurbishing old furniture. Although Sylvia doesn’t have any children of her own, just yet, she does get her fill of adventure with her seven godkids!



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