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3 Months into 2016. Is your career on track? V2 Certification can help you tune up.

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3 Months into 2016. As you reflect on your new year’s resolutions, is your career in need of a tune-up? Like a data center, our careers need an adjustment, and we often times learn that it’s just some fine tuning that can make all of the difference.

March 1 marks a 3 month checkpoint on your new year’s resolutions. It also happens to be the launch date for the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage Solutions V2 Certification portfolio that can help you get certified in today’s hottest storage innovations—Flash, Software-Defined Storage (SDS) and Hyper-Converged Appliances. Now is the perfect time to get started with tuning your career this year.

But, invest your time and money wisely. Our new HPE Storage Solutions V2 Certification portfolio is built around the most innovative technologies in the industry and focuses on the top 4 areas customers say are most important to transforming their businesses. You want to be certified on the storage solutions that you are likely to encounter at your customer’s sites or that your customers may be asking for. Certified credentials make a difference in your career, your deal, and your customer relationships. Certification on HPE Storage Solutions keeps you leading opportunities.

There are three levels of V2 certifications to choose from:

  • HPE ATP – Storage Solutions V2

This certification provides training for both the architect and integrator roles and is a great foundation for all low to moderately complex storage solutions designs. The recommended training will help you build skills around the expanded HPE 3PAR product family and selecting HPE Software-Defined Storage (SDS). Additionally the material covers HPE’s 4 Transformation Areas and how these areas are addressed by HPE Storage Solutions.

  • HPE ASE – Storage Solutions Architect v2

The ASE level certification indicates advanced technical skills for enterprise storage technologies and backup solutions. These professionals have proven their ability to design an HPE Storage solution, including deduplication and backup/recovery, for SMBs, small enterprise, and larger enterprise environments.

Upgrade paths exist for individuals who hold other storage certifications including EMC.

Training and certification will help you ramp up on the industry’s hottest storage technologies including Flash and the HPE 3PAR expanded product family, Software-Defined Storage, Hyper-Converged Appliances, HPE StoreVirtual and HPE OneView. Training will also provide coverage of HPE’s 4 Transformation Areas and how these areas are addressed by HPE Storage Solutions. 

  • HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V2

HPE Master Storage Solution Architects hold one of HPE’s most demanding and highly respected credentials. As a leader, the Master ASE translates business requirements into complex or multi-site storage solutions based on HPE Storage products across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

The V2 training and certification will help you build expanded competencies including converged management for storage with HPE OneView, designing HPE StoreVirtual SAN solutions, and mission critical apps with all-flash Tier 1.

Stand out from the crowd and heat up your career with HPE proven credentials.

To learn more on HPE Storage Solutions V2 Certifications, click here .

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Donna is responsible for identifying training and certification market opportunities and developing strategies, positioning and content for HPE Storage and Networking portfolios. Donna joins the HPE Global Partner Enablement Certification and Learning team from the HPE Enterprise Group Content Marketing and Strategy team where she spearheaded development of customer-facing content at the business and thought leadership level, and as social media strategist for HPE Servers.